Wisdom from the Word Wednesday

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So on Monday my post discussed all the false motivational posters that inundate our inboxes, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds. There are so many false or incorrect ones out there, but I didn’t want my loyal readers to be disheartened that they could not repost ANY of these motivational posters anymore (like you would all listen to anything I say anyway…) And because Wednesdays on my blog is typically “Wisdom from the Word,” I decided to share some of my own posters drawn directly from the Bible.



Okay – so this isn’t my photo or saying… but it’s true!


This is one of my favorite verses. I think mainly because it reminds me that God has things in control even when – especially when – I do NOT. (Sorry for the winter scene…I’m just as over it as you are, but I love how these trees look…very STILL. I took this several years ago and haven’t used it.)



Here’s another great one. I like to think of this one because it’s trying to remind me that there IS good in the world. The people Paul is writing to needed this reminder too. They needed to be reminded to rejoice in the Lord. And we (okay, mostly I) need to be reminded more often. I might put this one as my desktop wallpaper…


Philippians 4:8. This is my favorite place in North Carolina.


And finally – one that really encourages me.


You see…when we finally get to heaven, all those tears, diseases, aches, pains, worry and fears will be gone. I’m encouraged by this because I miss my grandmother (and so many other people…) but I know that she is happy. Even happier than she is in this picture. She is free of pain. Free of the cancer that ravaged her body. Free. Free. FREE. And one day – I’ll be with her and will revel in the freedom from pain, death and sorrow right beside her and God.

The words from the Bible encourage me so much that I don’t really need those other false motivational posters. When I need a pick-me-up I just reach for my Bible. Typically I turn to the Psalms for encouragement, but today I pushed myself to find other verses that spoke to me. It took more work than just looking up one of those fake posters online…but, guess what? I learned more. Both about myself, about God and about what I truly believe.

For more great resources on where to find true inspiration check out Bible Gateway or open your Bible!


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