God Sightings

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Our pastor encouraged us last Sunday to do a bit of “God Sighting” this week. God sightings are the following:

  1. An obvious answer to prayer.
  2. Any unexpected evidence of God’s care.
  3. Any help to do God’s work/will in the world.
  4. Any unusual linkage or timing.

Basically, it’s deliberately looking for God’s activity in our lives in order to help us in the times of discouragement. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share the ones I found this week with my readers. I hope that you too can find keep this idea at the forefront of your brain and see if you can’t find a few God sightings as this weekend and next week progresses. I’d love to hear from you as well if you have had any!

1) About a month ago my father had back surgery. He had been in a good deal of pain for almost 2 years. One doctor told him that he didn’t even think it was a back issue… he might have a hernia. But my dad persisted and got a second opinion. He actually had a pinched nerve that was causing severe pain down his left leg. The surgeon basically “roto-rootered” around the nerve so it could move more freely and release the leg pain. I’d asked my entire church family to be praying for Dad and his surgery went off beautifully. But here’s the best part that happened this week. Dad wants to lose some weight and I’ve encouraged him to get moving more and go out for some walks. He has never liked to walk in the past and has pushed back against this advice. So I asked for prayer about it in church. And guess what? My dad took several walks. In fact, he walked around their block the other day (including one hill) – a total of almost 2 miles! I know that Dad has his own gumption for doing this, but I honestly believe it is God spurring him into action.


Dad hates getting his photo taken so this is the last one I have… just kidding!


2) I recently had to get my wedding band repaired – AGAIN – due to a bad prong that kept letting go. We took it back to the original Jared store and worked out a deal with them to replace the band with a band that was similar, but slightly more stable. It wasn’t my first choice, but I didn’t want to lose the diamonds either. When I had to hand in my original band, I cried quite a bit. My wedding band – the one John had lovingly placed on my finger almost 6 years ago – was gone forever. Many women would probably be like, “YAH! New ring!!” – not me. I mourned the loss of my ring and just felt like the new one would never be the same. I prayed to God about it – asking him to help me get over my pain. I didn’t want John to think I was disappointed in any way with my rings because I knew he only wanted the best for me. We picked up the new ring last night along with my engagement ring which they had repolished so it shined like new as well. My fears returned as the new ring felt uncomfortable and foreign on my hand. When we got into the car John said, “Hand me your rings.” I pulled them off and handed them to him. He held it out to me and, while looking into my eyes, said, “Will you marry me? Again?” I knew right then and there that whatever the ring was didn’t matter – God had placed this wonderful man in my life because he was just what I needed. He saw my pain and wanted to make it right. Although my rings are gorgeous – they could be simple bread ties and I would still love this man. And God knew all along that he would stick with me and provide for me in every way.


Before we were married. I love this shot.


3) John and I work on our marriage everyday. Although he is the man for me, we still have fights and disagreements and we both have things from our past that we work hard to overcome in our current relationship. Recently, we’ve been having a lot of discussions about how we can get closer and how we can shed off these past hurts and disappointments in order to fully appreciate and accept one another as who we both are. For me, it’s been more difficult. I’ve been hurt many times in my past relationships and I carry that hurt and mistrust with me – even with John who treats me so much better than anyone ever has. We know that only God can truly help us. So I’ve been praying about my relationship with my husband and asking God to show me how I can move forward. Then twice this week I heard this statement in completely random and different settings, “Can you give each other grace?” Wow. Could it be that simple? Could I just offer grace to John even when he screws up and even when he hurts me unintentionally knowing that, in the end, he’ll still be my husband and will still be by my side? It’s something that I’ve been pondering since I’ve heard it because I think it’s God trying to point something out to me and I want to listen and understand.


Those sun-kissed cheeks! Love him.

So there you have it – 3 things that I believe are God sightings from this week. Sometimes it’s an obvious answer to prayer and sometimes it’s just that small, still voice telling you that everything will be okay or that, at the very least, God is there.

I hope you can recognize some God sightings in your life this weekend and next week. Make sure you write them down to you can remember them and be sure to tell me all about too!



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