A to Z Challenge – Get Blogging!

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I came across this great blogging idea the other day and I thought, “Hey, what if I challenged my friends to do the same thing?” I have a lot of writer friends that have started blogs, but haven’t really got it going yet. Or they struggle with getting one blog post out a week (“I have nothing to write!”). Perhaps they are even struggling with their “platform” or what they want to write doesn’t fit into their “theme.”

So, I challenge them (and you, if you have a blog) to “Sue’s Revised A to Z Challenge.” The original challenge takes place in April, but, since we’re almost done with April, we’re just going to make some of our own rules.

Here they are:

  1. Create blog posts starting with letters from the alphabet – starting with the letter “A”
  2. Your post can be about anything, but must start with the letter you are on. For example: A – write a post about alligators, albatrosses, afghans, or airplanes.
  3. Blog your A to Z Challenge on every Friday. This helps those of you that have difficulty blogging every day (or even a couple of times a week) to keep up. It’s only one day a week – you can do it! (We’ll start on May 8th with the letter “A”)
  4. Invite at least 2 friends to join this challenge!

You don’t have to change your format of what you normally write, just come up with topics that correspond with the letter of the day. Try to be inventive, funny, or even downright ridiculous or completely serious. And try to write at least 100 words so you can feel accomplished!

I can’t wait to see how many we get to accept this challenge. I’ll open it up online too and see who we can involve! I’ll be posting my own every Friday and I’ll try to post which letter is coming up for each Friday on my social media. If you don’t already follow me – do so now to keep up!

My social media! Twitter  ~ Facebook  ~ Instagram

Here’s a chart to keep you on schedule too!



27 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Get Blogging!

  1. I am an occasional blogger and I am just now reading about your A-Z challenge. Decided to do it, albeit a little behind your schedule. You will hear again from me soon. May God bless your marriage with many happy anniversaries, your child with continued good health and your broken road that brings you goodness.

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