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Recently I participated in a Twitter party with the SITS Girls. One of the questions during the party was, “Have you ever considered having guests post on your blog?” I answered, “YES!” From there, the discussion built and I connected with two other bloggers who were willing to swap posts with me! Today I’m introducing you to Jeannie Ewing. Jeannie is really awesome and I think you will enjoy, and be blessed by, this post. Please connect with her (social media details are below) and let me know what you think! I also guest blogged on her site last Friday – check it out here!


God is bigger (2)



When I fear, I will trust in you. ~Psalm 56:4

Every morning I approach my daughter, Sarah’s, room with apprehension.  In the back of my mind, fear begins to swell in my heart as I wonder, Will she be alive when I wake her up?  Naturally this would be a completely irrational fear for a typical mother of a typical child.  But my children are not typical.  Sarah was born with a rare craniofacial condition called Apert Syndrome.  It is so rare, in fact, that there are no statistics available about life expectancy and mortality rates.

One year ago another Apert family lost their daughter unexpectedly.  She was Sarah’s age and like her in nearly every way: her features were mild, and she was effervescent, joyful and loving.  She, like Sarah, did not carry many of the “extra” burdens that kids with Apert Syndrome often have, such as gastrointestinal, pulmonary, and cardiologic problems.  She was healthy – except for Apert Syndrome.  And one night, she passed away undetected until her parents found her the next morning.

When I catch myself reverting to this horrific memory and the haunting question, What if, I take this verse to heart.  It is a comforting verse, one that draws me back into the loving and protective arms of God.  Though I cannot predict Sarah’s lifespan, I can predict one thing, the one thought that always elevates my heart to heaven and resurges hope within me:

God is bigger than statistics.

It’s become so vital to my ability to live in the present moment, in fact, that I have posted it on my Facebook page, where I update people on Sarah’s development and ask for prayer when she has her inevitable surgeries.

When we live in fear, we squelch our capacity to love and to appreciate the here and now.  Fear paralyzes us so that inaction is the only option available to us.  We can wallow in fear.  We can worry, fret, and agonize over the “what ifs” in our lives.  The truth is we all have those unknown and uncertain factors that we would give anything to only understand.

But God permits us to dwell in the realm of mystery so that we draw nearer to Him and thus grow in our ability to love.  Love frees us from the shackles of fear, which only imprisons us.  The enemy waits for us to succumb to our fears so that we cannot do great things for God.

But God wants more of you and me.  He has created us for a definite purpose, one that involves spreading the message of hope to a weary and bleak world that has given up on the true message of love.


What are the fears that cripple you in your life?  Do you surrender them to God in prayer?  Do you seek support from trusted friends, a pastor, or a counselor?  How can you grow in trusting God today?

Copyright 2015 Jeannie Ewing

Image Copyright Ani Wallach Photography (2014) and created by Jeannie Ewing on Canva.com



Author Jeannie Ewing

Jeannie Ewing is a writer, speaker, and grief recovery coach.  She is the co-author of Navigating Deep Waters: Meditations for CaregiversJeannie was featured on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition and Tony Agnesi’s radio show Finding God’s GraceShe offers her insight from a counselor’s perspective into a variety of topics, including grief, spirituality, and parenting children with special needs.  Jeannie resides in northern Indiana with her husband and two daughters, both of whom have special needs.  For more information on her professional services, please visit her websites lovealonecreates.com or fromgrief2grace.com.  Check out Jeannie’s social media:    


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