Mini Post Monday – Writing Prompts!

Life and Happiness, Writing

I read a recent blog that mentioned making a list of writing prompts for yourself to get yourself writing more. I thought, “Why not dig up some notes from some of my journals and see if they make good writing prompts…and then, share them!” I think these would work for writing prompts for short stories, a fiction starter or even blog posts!

So here you go fellow writers – don’t thank me – just get writing!

  • Write about a favorite saying (Example: “She can pinch a penny so hard Lincoln would cry” or “Getting passed like a dirty shirt!”)
  • Write about a time you had to invoke the 20 second rule
  • Create a bucket list of places you want to travel
  • Make a list of your favorite children’s books
  • Make a list of books you’d never tell anyone you read
  • A Day in the Life
  • Write about a day when you did only what you WANTED to do (If anyone has done this – I’m jealous! SHARE!)
  • Do people hinder us or do we hinder ourselves
  • Write about what success means to you
  • Your six-year-old comes up to you and say, “Momma, I have a confession…”
  • “It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen…”
  • Compare your child to you at the same age
  • If your life were a 80’s hair band song – what would it be?
  • A poem using only words that begin with the same letter
  • Find your favorite piece of artwork and write an ode to it
  • Make a list of “Life Rules” from your child (age 8 and under)
  • Did you ever notice
  • If you have to pick 4 ingredients for a “Chopped” basket – what would they be
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for your writing

I don’t know about you, but I am inspired to get writing! If you write something on your blog using one of these prompts – please share so I can read it! I love reading others writing and am so inspired by the blogs of others. I hope that I have inspired you today – if not with writing something from these posts – at least to get writing.


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