Mini Post Monday – Reflections

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This past week I pushed myself to do some exercise every day. I did well and even got in two 5K walks – one on my own and one for an actual race event (check out the JesVic if you’re in my neck of the woods.) This was my first race event in some time and I’m glad to be back to a place that I can walk this far. I’ll never run again due to arthritis issues, but walking is just as good. I had to cut back on food too because my hiatal hernia is acting up, causing me to feel full even when I’ve only eaten a small portion (probably because I’ve recently gained weight). It works well for weight loss, but I don’t feel great most of the time. I’m hoping the weight loss that is occurring will help ease my symptoms and I’ll be back to “normal” soon. I visited the doctor Friday (a normal 6-month check up time) and we’ve created a plan of attack as well.

This is a FREE photo! Yes, all the photos in my gallery are free! :) You can download it at full resolution (check the “all sizes” option) and do whatever you want with it: share it, adapt it and/or combine it with other material and distribute the resulting works. Please give photo credits to “Carlos ZGZ” and put a link to this page. I’ll be very happy to know that this photo has been useful to someone, so don’t hesitate to tell me about your use (and I will place here a link to it if you wish)! __ ¡Esta es una foto LIBRE! ¡Sí, todas las fotos de mi galería son libres! :) Puedes descargártela en plena resolución (usa la opción “all sizes”) y hacer lo que quieras con ella: compartirla tal cual, modificarla a tu gusto y/o combinarla con otro material y distribuir el resultado. Por favor, si utilizas esta foto dale el crédito a “Carlos ZGZ” y coloca un enlace a esta página Me hace mucha ilusión saber que una de mis fotos le ha servido a alguien. Así que si es tu caso, ¡no dudes en decírmelo! (y si quieres, pondré un enlace a tu proyecto aquí).

The beach always gives me inspiration. (Photo courtesy of Carlos ZGZ)

This week, I’m getting ready for vacation and conference times that are coming up. I’ve cut back my editing work load to prepare for these added stresses. (Yes, vacation shouldn’t be a stress, but we all know that PREPARING for vacation is stressful.) I’m looking forward to the time away though and pray that my creative juices will be jump started. I’ve struggled with writing lately, even though I’ve had small successes, and I really feel God calling me to pursue writing more. It’s hard when life gets in the way. I’m hoping that when I put life on hold for a bit, it’ll come back to me two-fold. We’ll be vacationing with the god daughters and their parents so I think I’ll have a lot of stories to draw from! Plus, I finished a short story/novella that I’m hoping to publish soon. It’s a chick flick/sci fi kind of thing…loosely structured on “A Christmas Carol” type theme (but not Christmas related.) Mainly I want to get that done and published (I’ll self publish it after I’ve had others do some beta reading/editing for me) so I can say 1) I’m a published author and 2) so I know how it’s done. I also have a young adult fiction novel I’m working on that I’d like to get out by next year. It’s kind of come to a stalemate, but, again, I’m hoping my creativity will strike again soon.

Digital StillCamera

Photo Courtesy of Carlos ZGZ – Flickr

In addition, I think I’d like to publish some non-fiction books. I’m trying to round out what God wants me to be doing and get it done. I don’t want to rush anything though because I want the quality to be there.

Will you read what I write? I hope so. I pray that God is leading me in new directions for His glory every day. And I’m trying hard to listen to His voice and even if no one reads it – I will have done what He’s asked. I hope you are pursuing similar goals.Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Mini Post Monday – Reflections

  1. I’m new to your blog but have enjoyed it so far. I hope you are successful in your publishing endeavors. Have a great vacation and come back refreshed. You are correct, the more active you become, the more you will be able to do. I start each morning on our back patio greeting the day before it’s light and thanking God for this beautiful world he has given us. Amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. I’m working every day to be a more balanced person with all that God has provided. God bless!

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