F is for Faith and Finally Friday

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Today is the sixth day of Sue’s Revised A to Z Challenge! I got a few of my friends signed up and I can’t wait to read their posts. If you are interested – the “rules” are simple (it’s really just about getting motivated to blog so just do that!) check out my original post here and let me know if you’ve accepted the challenge in the comments below so I can read your stuff!


As many of my loyal readers know I am a Christian. I’ve begun to use this platform here more and more to discuss my faith on a regular basis. What I hope to achieve is a sense of community with my readers in that just because I take on the mantle of “Christian” does not mean that I am perfect, it doesn’t mean “I’ve arrived” and it doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out. In fact, I’m still quite lost. (I’m SAVED, but I’m still LOST in my own mind.)

Faith is a belief that is not based on proof. I have faith that there is a God. One God actually. And I have faith that He is leading me in my life – the good, the bad and the ugly portions. My faith defines my code of conduct. I utilize the Bible and God’s teachings to define who I am as a person. That means I don’t lie, cheat or steal. I don’t murder. But, like I said before, I’m not perfect, so I still sin. My faith helps to direct my compass, but it doesn’t necessarily eradicate all the bad stuff from my life.

As a person grows from child to adult, we are taught the good things we should do: say thank you and please, respect our elders, watch our language and treat others how we’d like to be treated. My faith reinforces those concepts and gives me so much more. Occasionally, I slip up and still commit minor sins. I have anger or resentment towards someone or even curse them out. It doesn’t mean my faith has lapsed, but merely that my judgement has.


Photo courtesy of Shaney Yarger


If you are struggling to find faith in something, I encourage you to start asking questions and start seeking answers. For me, my faith in the Father Almighty is the way (and only way) to go, but you need to seek that out for yourself. Because you see, faith isn’t about me believing in something for you – it’s you believing it. I pray that you will seek out that faith today. Start here.

Now you’re wondering, “What about this Finally Friday thing?” Whelp! Here begins a portion of my June that I’m going to be on vacation! For the next two weeks or so I’ll be traveling here and there (and back again). My blog posts will continue and I expect to be able to read more of my friend’s post – so keep them coming! In the meantime you can check me out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all the latest additional news!

Happy Summer!


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