G is for Giggles and Goofiness

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Here is this week’s installment for my A to Z Challenge. If you are interested in participating – the “rules” are simple (it’s really just about getting motivated to blog so just do that!) check out my original post here and let me know if you’ve accepted the challenge in the comments below so I can read your stuff!


As you’re reading this, I’m on my way back (or am back) from a vacation with some of my favorite little girls (our god daughters). We were invited by their parents to spend a few days in Cape May, NJ with them (separate hotel rooms though for our own sanity). Right before we left, we spent a few hours with the adults to plan out our route, decide on who was taking what and how much room we’d have in our car for added supplies. The bonus for any time spent with their parents is time spent with these two goofy girls.

Megan is six now and is starting to be a little too grown up for my taste. I want her to remain young and silly. The good news is her sister, Naomi, helps her retain that goofy side that I love so much. Naomi (or Pickle) is at that stage that she’s not sure she wants us around, but as time wears on she starts to warm up and the giggles are easy to come by.

Before I knew it she was demanding that I put on the TV for her (“Here’s the ‘mote control Sue!”) and gibbering (another good “G” word) about all sorts of things. (We understand about… 30% at this point. But she every so helpfully repeats herself if we don’t respond quickly enough!) While their mom and I tried to come up with plans for the vacation week, Megan would come sit beside us like the little adult she is and pretend she was involved in our plans… then quickly figure out that hanging out with little sister was the better place to be. Soon they involved their dad in a game of “Carry me!” around the house and giggles bounced off every surface. (While poor Dad grimaced carrying his not so little anymore daughters on his shoulders…)

Finally, we all gave in to their demands and started playing Naomi’s favorite game: “Run” She runs from one wall to the next, giggling with delight. It’s like that old adage that you can buy expensive toys, but they love the box more…except this girl doesn’t even need the box!


The best part was this: I sat at the kitchen table by the “starting” wall and I would tell Naomi, “Okay…ready? One…Two…Three… GO!” Off she’d run giggling with unrestrained goofiness. When she came back – and caught on to the idea – she’d count with me. Me: “One…”, Naomi: “One…”, Me: “Two…”, Naomi: “Two…”, Me: “Three…”, Naomi: “Tree…”, Me: “Go!”, Naomi: “Four…” (Hey she knows her numbers! And she was counting on her fingers the whole time too!) But then she’d realize I’d said “Go” and she’d squeal and race around the corner, giggling with each step. (She caught on quicker when sister entered the race and knew there was no “four.”) I found myself giggling (quite unseemly for a 41 year old) along with their antics.


I’m sure that vacation will hold the same type of goofiness (I’m writing this ahead so I’m not sure yet… but I can almost count on it. Be sure to check for posts down the road about the actual vacation!) These two little girls are only six and two, but I’m looking forward to a lifetime of goofy giggles with them!


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