Mini-Post Monday- Beach Reflections

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This past week we spent some time with our extended family Amy, Dwayne and their two daughters (our god daughters). It was the first time for us to vacation with children and the first time for us visiting Cape May, NJ. It was a fun week and we had terrific weather (couldn’t have asked for nicer truly). I was chatting with Amy and she asked me if I got any “inspiration” for my blogs or other writing. I did. And here are a few small snippets from our week.

1) The first thing I noticed about vacationing with children is that you drink less alcohol. We didn’t drive too many places, but I didn’t feel right drinking in front of the girls. Here was one reason: At one of the first places we went to eat there was a drink menu. I noticed that the alcoholic drinks all came in fancy glasses of all shapes and sizes. Martini glasses, fancy margarita glasses and all different ones. But the “regular” drinks all came in the same glass – a plain, clear tumbler. The girls sometimes got small plastic ones with lids, but typically the soda, water and what-not came in boring glasses. What must young people thing when they see all sorts of crazy concoctions with fruit dangling off the side and the drinks are all pretty shades and some even look like smoothies! What fun! I’m sure they’d like to try them. It kind of makes me wonder: did I really ever want to drink or was it the glasses that lured me in?


2) We noticed a strange phenomenon while on the beach one day. Cape May’s beach slopes down gradually away into the surf. I sat on top of the little hill one day watching my husband splash about further out in the waves. As I got tired, I lay back on my blanket the crashing of the surf changed to a dull roar – almost like thunder. It was the oddest thing. I had my husband, John, and Amy try this and both decided it was different. None of us could figure it out. I’ve tried to look it up and all I can come up with is that it’s some Physics thing (perhaps my father-in-law could explain it) that has to do with sound waves.292288448_cape-may-beach-13) Our oldest God daughter (6 years old) was a little skittish about getting into the surf. Her mom helped her the first day by holding both her hands, with her back to her mom’s knees, and standing right along the beach as the waves crashed just inches from their feet. Eventually Miss Megan decided they could take a few “baby steps” towards the water as she saw John and I enjoying ourselves (and not being swept away). Pretty soon many baby steps were made and they were knee deep in crashing waves with her giggles permeating the air. The laughter of a child truly experiencing something for the first time is one of the best sounds you’ll ever hear. Pure, unadulterated JOY. We laughed every time she laughed. She repeated the process with me the next day and it was even better for me as I held her two tiny hands in mine and experienced her laughter reverberating against my knees. I hope she will remember this moment… not sure if she will, but I think her mom got a few photos and some video so we can relive it as she grows.

There was so much more to this vacation (porch sitting and watching vacationers of all sizes, shapes and colors walk by, figuring out the lights off in the distance were Rehobeth Beach, taking Megan mini-golfing, Naomi not quite adjusting all week – but still having moments of joy, the Victorian houses that complete the Cape May look, and spending time in the pool) and I’m so blessed to have had this time with these special people in our lives. It isn’t about finding something to write about though – it’s more about experiencing it and then writing it down to have forever.


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