Book Fest is Coming!

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I’m part of a terrific writing group that has helped me evolve over the last few years into the writer and editor I am today. We hold events about once a year that help us, and others, to expand our knowledge of the writing industry. Last year we held a one day conference, we’ve held small social media days and this year we’re holding our first ever book fest! You can check out our website for all the details here.

The purpose of the book fest is mainly to announce to our local area all the great authors we have right here in North Central PA. There are numerous groups and many of their members have been published. I thought I’d give you all a little sneak peek into some of the outstanding authors we already have slated for our event.

Carrie Anne Noble – Carrie is kind of our pride and joy this year. We met her a few years ago during a Nanowrimo event and she’s come to our meetings off and on ever since. At that time she was writing and editing a young adult novel. According to Carrie, before it was even truly finished in her eyes, she decided to submit it to Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel contest. She was just hoping really for some feedback on the piece. But several months later, her novel, The Mermaid’s Sister, won the 2014 Award in the Young Adult category! Now she’s traveling all over to conferences and book fests enjoying her new found fame and adoration with this delightful masterpiece.

Susan Lower – Susan is one of our long time members as well as our book fest director. She spent a lot of years working on several novels, writing, rewriting and rewriting some more to try and convince book sellers to publish her work, but could never find the right one to get her well-crafted works out into the world. Finally, last year, she decided she was going to self-publish (which, to do right, takes a lot of work, but she did it). In October, she released a short story titled Emma’s Dilemma and then quickly followed it up with a delightful Christmas story called The Fruitcake Bride (which you can get FREE) before releasing her full-length novel Forgotten Reins, which is the first in her Silver Winds Trilogy series. If you love romance and farm life, you will love Susan’s books! She is currently working on the second book in the series which will be released soon.

Roberta Brosius – Roberta has been with our group for a long time and has written Bible curricula for the students she teaches and has also been published with devotions (to numerous to count). Much like Carrie, Roberta was working on a young adult novel in the fall of 2012 for Nanowrimo. She (and the rest of us) thought it was so good that she began to market for a publisher. In the fall of 2013, Surviving Meemaw was published with Helping Hands Press to rave reviews. Just two months ago, Roberta released the second book in the series, Surviving Jamaica. She’s now working on the third installment and we can’t wait for the finale to this awesome series!

This is just a small sampling of the talented authors we will have this year at Book Fest. We’re geared toward a family-friendly audience so you can be sure that all our authors works are PG rated! We’ll also have some children’s authors and other young adult authors as well as readings and a small selection of food. If you’re in the area, be sure and come check out all the Book Fest has to offer!

Anyone interested in setting up a stand for their books may contact me through my page or fill out the application on our page and send it back to us. Deadline is August 15, 2015.


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