L is for Letter Writing

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As part of my #atozchallenge, I’m writing a letter to my God daughters. They say the art of letter writing is outdated…I don’t agree. We just don’t use paper and fancy pens anymore.

Dear Megan and Naomi,

You may never get a letter such as this. You’re used to Tweets and texts and who knows what else (you’re only 6 and 2 now so it’s hard to say how things will change in the next few years.) But when I was young and when you parents were young, we wrote letters to one another. We used paper and pens – sometimes in fancy colors – and wrote to friends or relatives who lived out of state. It was a place to tell the person what was going on in your life and to keep them up to date on the latest news. (There was no internet then!)

I’m using this space to write to you about things that have gone on this year in your lives and to tell you how much you both mean to me and your Uncle John.

In June, we went with you and your parents to Cape May. It was our first vacation with kids and we weren’t sure what to expect. Although there were some ups and downs, we had a blast with you and hope it is not our last trip together. I’d like to share a few moments that meant a lot to me.

Megan – I will never forget cuddling up together on my hotel bed and reading a Jack and Annie (Magic Tree House series) story with you. It was super special to me because up until this point, John and I had always read to you. But this time you read to me! (Well, we shared the duties…) My heart burst with pride as you read aloud to me. I love books immensely and am so pleased that you do too. It’s a passion I hope we both share for years to come.

We also took you to see the lighthouse (just John and I) and played some mini golf. I hope you remember. I enjoyed your enthusiasm for the mini golf – even though you weren’t doing well. You didn’t give up and you were simply happy to spend time with us. It meant so much.

When we spent time on the beach and you trusted me enough to hold your hands while the waves crashed near us – it touched me deep inside. I never want to lose that trust from you. And feeling your giggles against my legs as the waves lapped your feet is something I will never forget.

Naomi – you probably will not remember a thing about this vacation because you were too small, but you had some trouble adjusting. It’s hard for someone as young as you to understand being away from home, but there were still moments that we will always cherish. When we went to the zoo, you asked Uncle John to carry you for a bit – you had barely given him the time of day up until that moment – and he couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Although John was less than thrilled with your shrill screams at most meal times, we both enjoyed your maniacal laughter and your fearless spirit. And I’m still laughing at how both you and your sister love lemons! You would think you’d both be more sour!

But the absolute best moments were when you cried out, “Bald eagle!” …and there were no bald eagles. Birds, yes… but not bald eagles. One thing is for certain – you will not be a ornithologist.

It’s hard to capture every moment that you’ve affected our lives, but I want to get as much of it written down as I can so you’ll always have these letters. I hope to write more for you as you grow and hope to experience so many more happy memories with you.


(Aunt) Sue




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