Sorry is not the hardest word…it’s goodbye

Fears, Life and Happiness, Writing

Okay, well I’m not saying goodbye… only changing it up a bit. For the past two years or so, I’ve been writing three blogs a week. Now I know some bloggers who would say, “Oh my! That’s a lot!” and others that would say, “What? Only three?” I think it’s up to the individual person really and three was working for me for a long time. It was my pattern.

BUT. It seems to be zapping my creative energies to come up with three posts a week. Truly, I struggle. In an effort to 1) make my content more enticing, scintillating and worth reading and 2) to, hopefully, leave behind some creative juices for other writing, I am cutting back on my average blog posts per week.


I’m not leaving! (And please don’t be this girl…) I’m just cutting back. I will still post Fridays – especially until my A to Z Challenge is finished. (Once I start something, I finish it.) However, I will only be posting one other day of the week. More than likely that day will be Monday for now. I may switch it off and on to Wednesdays – especially if I have a “Wisdom from the Word” post to share because that alliteration demands that I use Wednesday’s for those.

I pray you will all still stick with me and, perhaps, find that my posts are better. Maybe you’ll even share them with your friends (please share them with your friends).


In the meantime, I want to make you a promise that I am going to write my book. I’m going to spend this extra time working on putting pen to paper and publishing an inspirational book that I pray you’ll love. I’ve found that I need to not only make promises to myself, but to others (I tend to keep the ones to others better than I do to myself) and I need a deadline. But with the demands of three posts a week… I’ve been failing to write anything else and not a stitch has been written.

Thanks for understanding and your prayers and encouragements are deeply appreciated.

Stay tuned for book updates!


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