O is for Obituary

Life and Happiness, Religion

Sue A. Fairchild, 102, Tamarindo, Costa Rica, died peacefully at her home on Monday, October 5, 2076 at 10 in the morning.

Sue is survived by her adoring and handsome husband, John, and their five dogs (all currently now up for adoption). Preceding her into the joyful afterlife where she now sits with God are her parents, grandparents, five additional dogs (whom all died of unnatural causes, but the case has been closed on each in order to avoid divorce proceedings) and her beloved iguana, Umberto.

Sue’s life was a tortured tale of heartache and woe until meeting her husband, John, in 2006 at the home of a friend. Her career was as tortured and sketchy, with wide gaps between times of employment, but she enjoyed (or sometimes endured) careers in graphic design, insurance, writing and customer service. In addition to the numerous books she has published, Sue was most proud of her over 1000 published devotionals and twenty Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. Her life’s goal was to reach others with the Gospel of her Lord Jesus Christ through her writing.

Sue enjoyed writing and sitting on the beach and…well that’s pretty much it. She lived in Costa Rica for crying out loud – what else is there to do? And who cares to do anything else while living in Costa Rica?

Friends and family will probably not care to come pay their respects… as they are all dead already and even the ones left cannot afford the trip to Costa Rica. Sue’s ashes will be tossed out to sea by her loving husband at his convenience (or flushed down the toilet – whichever he prefers. He’s almost 100 himself you know.)

We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord. 1 Cor. 5:8


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