The Contents of the Nightstand

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My nightstand is a veritable treasure trove into my intricate balance as a human being. For some people, there is lotions and different odds and ends…maybe a pen to write a note. I have all those too – multiples in fact – but there is much more.

  • Several hair bands for when my hair gets long and I need to keep it off my face. I hate how it feels to sleep in, but waking up with a mouthful of hair strands is worse.
  • Lotions of every shape, size and duty. There is cuticle cream for when the skin around my nails becomes so dry that I bite it until it bleeds. Peppermint scented lotion for migraines. Lavender scented to help me relax (I have about 3 of these). Shea butter for those difficult, and dry, winter months when my feet become like strips of sand paper.
  • Cortisone cream. This is for my ears (and occasionally for those chewed on fingers). My ears often become dry inside and the doctor has recommended a little cortisone inside for healing.
  • A mini flashlight. I can’t tell you how often this has come in handy and I use it for more than a late night trip to the bathroom.
  • Tweezers…combined often with the flashlight.
  • 3 tubes of chapstick. I like various kinds for various effects. One is healing, one smells good and one tastes good.
  • Earplugs. Any woman with a husband does not need to ask what these are for.
  • Various toe nail clippers, sanding implements and tools to keep my pedicures looking pristine.
  • A notebook and three pens. There is actually a small, wire bound notebook in the drawer, one on the top of the stand beneath my Kindle and one in the side pocket of the stand. Just in case. Oh… and a small pad of paper on my dresser too.
  • A cloth for cleaning my glasses which seem to need cleaning every night. I’m pretty sure tiny people come in the darkness and touch every inch of the glass in the frames, leaving smudges in their wake. I should have them dusted for prints.
  • 3 nail files. (I sense a pattern of 3’s…)
  • 2 (breaking that pattern…) jars of Tiger Balm. Better than BenGay and smells better too.

Well, maybe it’s a normal drawer after all. You tell me…what’s in your drawer?

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