P is for Project Party!

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As many of you know I’m also a Simply Said Designer in my “free” time. Simply Said allows people to style their space with personalized designs.

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One of the ways some designers are helping their customers to see all the unique possibilities of our personalized designs is by having a “Project Party” utilizing Simply Said designs and products. I’m sure you’ve heard of Wine and Design parties going on in your area – this works much in the same way. We gather together a group of women (or men!) who want to enjoy a fun night or afternoon out while exploring their creative side!

One project party I’m working on (hopefully for October) is using our new Shadow Boxes. These are made from wood, can be filled with almost any substance and are easily hung anywhere in your home. The three I like the most are the laundry, wine and travel ones, but I’ve also seen boxes filled with sand, Christmas ornaments, candy and even money! The ideas are really limitless. And the best part? The insert with the vinyl can be switched out! We have extra inserts that can be purchased separately so you can easily add another vinyl to it and change out your shadow box all year long!

Winechristmas box

Another idea combines leftover wood from other projects and some of our fun letters and holiday designs. It’s easy to create something from scraps! Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing that you recycled!


How cute are these for Fall? Simply paint some wood to look like pumpkins and then use our jack-o-lantern vinyl design. No need to worry if your jack-o-lantern face will turn out perfectly when you can use our Simply Said vinyl to do the trick!

I’m loving this idea too – they are reversible and use our lettering options! So easy to do and completely versatile!


I’m so excited to get my first Project Party started! Now it’s just a matter of choosing which project I want to show my customers!

Which one is your favorite?

Check out my website for all the latest designs and inspirational ideas for your home.


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