S is for Sue’s Snarky Snippets

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“That needs to be a blog for the A to Z Challenge!” has been heard frequently during the last several months between my writing friends and I. It seems that every small snippet becomes a letter in our challenge to blog through the alphabet.

As we near the end, (really? It seems like we just started yesterday!) several of my verbal stories full of snark have amused my friends enough to say, “Write about that!” So here goes.

S is for Swans…not ducks

Several weeks ago, my husband and I visited Knoebel’s, a local amusement park in PA. It’s different than most amusement parks in that some people, like us, don’t go for the rides. We go for the atmosphere. It’s a lovely shaded park with terrific food choices throughout. We often go just to relax, spend some time on a bench and people watch (our favorite activity.) Recently, the resident swans at the park had some babies. We stopped to admire them swimming in the local creek and a few other “out of town” (ever see “Jersey Shore”?) families stopped to share the wonders of nature with their children. “Oh, look at the swan little Jimmy! Isn’t that pretty? And look at those ducks!” one father exclaimed, pointing to the family of swans before us.

I cringed. And then I looked around for ducks. Perhaps I had missed them? Nope, no ducks. How could they not know these were baby swans? I realize they might not have swans in the city, but doesn’t anyone watch PBS anymore?


This is not the Knoebel swans, but they looked very similar

I said to my husband, “Those are the largest and longest necked ducks I have ever seen!” He shushed me as another family came up to the fence. They too admired the “ducks.” How could this be? I thought. TWO families think these are ducks?

In all fairness, ducks come in all shapes and sizes, but… these babies looked identical to their swan mother and father, just with darker feathers.


These are one variety of ducks. I can slightly see the resemblance.

I was astonished and livid that these children were being taught incorrect nature. My husband had to eventually drag me away to save us from a scene. (After I told my friends this story, they suggested I should have said something to the parents, but I fear I would have exuded too much snark to have made any effect.)

S is for Perseverance … no wait, Stupidity

On our walk around the park we finally came upon the famed Grand Carousel. Riders can still reach out to catch a brass ring for a free ride. After watching one round of riders, I commented to my husband that many of the younger generation seemed to not be into grabbing the ring. Most just sat atop their horses and enjoyed the ride. (There’s another snark moment: people that get on the ride and then complain their horse doesn’t go up and down… people… LOOK UP when you get on. It’s pretty simply to determine which horses go up and down.)

On the second go round I noticed a young lad probably about the age of 7 or 8 reaching out for the ring. Alas, he was too small to reach.


This girl has nothing on this little boy we saw.

But that didn’t deter him in the least. I wish I had taken a picture. By the last go round, he was literally hanging on by a leg to his horse. He had scooted himself to the very edges of his brilliantly colored stead, balancing one FOOT (not leg actually – those shoes must have had awesome tread) and gripping the pole with one hand in an attempt to reach just one sacred ring. (He would have done Frodo proud). I was rooting him on, marveling at the child-like wonder and perseverance, until I realized: He could very easily slip from that slick horse and fall onto the very hard and not so magical ground. Stupidity, I decided was more like it. I breathed a sigh of relief when the ride finally ended and the boy dismounted.

S is for Sarcasm

I hope you know by now that most of this blog is done for silly fun and is filled with a bit of sarcasm. Although the actions of people do sometimes astound me, I know that I have made some pretty stupid choices in my life too. I often put some snark and sarcasm on myself as I go about my day, “That was smart, Sue. Let’s not do THAT again!” It’s a way to poke fun and add a bit of entertainment to my life.

Because as someone once said, “Some days I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” Tweet this

I’d rather laugh – wouldn’t you? I hope my blog helped you laugh a bit today.


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