A Psalm

Fears, Religion

My Lord, My God

Be my deliverer.

My Lord, My God be my peace,

my sustainer and my comforter.

Oh how can I go on without You?

Will you wrap me in Your arms and forgive me;

surround me with Your grace and mercy?

Lift me up from these depths to the heights on which You live.

The depths… Your time on the cross…

Oh how can I weep and gnash my teeth

when You have suffered so much more than I?

I am but a lowly example of Your work,

but You guide me and direct my paths.

I long to fulfill Your will for my life!

Be Thou with me until I’ve accomplished Your goals,

completed Your tasks and finished this sentence.



Psalma sacred song or hymn often including parallelism, rhyme and repetition.


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