Discussing Halloween…Again

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Two years ago, I wrote this post about Halloween and about how much I hate the holiday. I was going to just repost it – again (I reposted it last year too) – but I thought perhaps you’re getting tired of reading my rant about Halloween. So I decided, with the dreaded holiday fast approaching, that I would turn a little spin on it.

I hate Halloween, but I love stuff about ghosts. This time of the year especially, I watch ghost videos and look up paranormal photos.

Okay. Now before you get all bent, I know I’m a Christian and the Bible says not to call on mediums and what-not. I want to let you know – I do not. I don’t consult mediums and I don’t actively seek out the paranormal. I certainly don’t really want to have a paranormal experience (at least not again – we’ll get to that).

HOWEVER. I love the show Ghosthunters. These guys, who used to be Roto Rooter repairmen, seek out the paranormal all over the country. In the beginning, they sought to debunk the “activities” of these “other worldy” entities. In fact, it’s the main reason I started watching the show. As they went along season after season though – they realized some things were hard (and even impossible) to debunk. They seek the paranormal out – and I watch.

I also love odd, unexplained video or photos of possibly paranormal things. However, with the advent of Photoshop, it is very difficult to know if something was altered or not unless you specifically were there yourself. I give almost no credence anymore to these photos and videos, but it’s still interesting to watch. Sometimes I think, “How did they do that?” and I have fun considering how someone could have rigged up the situation.

In college, I witnessed a light go on in another room of a friend’s apartment. We had actually been discussing how the roommates were experiencing some odd activity within the apartment when it happened – as if the ghost was listening to us and letting us know he was, indeed, there. We thought perhaps the other roommate was in the room and called out to him with no response. When we started discussing these weird anomalies again, the light switched off and we heard a loud “boom” sound. My friend was convinced it was his roommate playing a trick on us and went back to investigate, finding nothing and no one. Just as he was coming back from the room (freaked out), his roommate entered the front door. There was no way he could have turned the light off and on as we were on the second floor. We checked the light, the outlet and the cord – no issues. And the light never flicked off and on again by itself.

So there you go – I don’t hate everything about Halloween and I have one ghost experience to write about and a small reason why Halloween isn’t so bad after all.



One thought on “Discussing Halloween…Again

  1. Haven’t liked Halloween in several years. When I was little I liked it and when my son was little we’d do a little something for him but since working at Party City for the past 13 years, this will be my 14th Halloween with them, I do hate it!!!!

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