Being Thankful – Black Friday

Life and Happiness

NOTE: I’m posting this a bit early because I bet not a single one of you will be reading blogs on Black Friday. So read on – early.

Well – I bet you didn’t see this one coming? Who in their right mind would be thankful for Black Friday? Okay – you guessed it, I’m not really THANKFUL for Black Friday. I’m thankful for things associated with Black Friday.

  1. Thankful I’m not a retail cashier. I apologize to all of you that are, but I’m not. I did work in retail at one time and I’ve worked Black Friday. It’s a nightmare. People are RUDE. So if you’re going out today – BE NICE! Especially to those that got out of bed to stock those shelves and ring out your purchases. You couldn’t get that deal if they weren’t there!
  2. Thankful I don’t have to go. I AM going to go… it is undetermined yet though at what time. I think it INSANE to go before 6 am. Alas, I may miss a good deal if I do wait. But it’s the chance I’m willing to take. I don’t normally go, but there is something I’d like to get someone this year and it’d be great if I could get a deal. However, an extra $30 off of something is not worth risking my life. And I don’t HAVE to go – it’s not mandatory. I could make gifts instead – they mean more usually anyway.
  3. Thankful that everyone is shopping. Why do you ask? Because in past years I’ve gone to the movies instead. My girlfriend and I used to always go on Black Friday – sometimes taking in more than one movie in one day. Now my husband and I often go. It’s the best time to see a movie because there is almost always no one in the theater! We typically have the place to ourselves.
  4. Thankful for the added day off. I work from home now so I can take days whenever I want, but my husband has a more limited vacation time. Due to the popularity of the day, it’s often given as a day off work. This means an added day spent with my hubby and an added day to clean up from the day before, put up Christmas decorations and, as I said before, take in a movie. Even if we do go out shopping, it’s usually not for very long and we’re home and enjoying each other’s company instead.

So, see… we CAN find things to be thankful for even during things that might not be such blessings. Remember this: you don’t have to go out. Spend time with your family instead. In the end, they won’t remember that gift you almost got yourself killed for – they’ll remember the time you spent with them. Give the gift of love – not stuff. Think of all the ways you could spend your time, AND MONEY, more wisely. God Bless.


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