A Look Back

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Today I want to take a look back on 2015. It was a decent year and I can’t pinpoint one particular item that really stands out. I started another new business – Simply Said – and I’m considering now, as I move into 2016, if this business is sustainable for me. It has brought some joy, some money but it has also been a lot of work. A LOT.

I lost one dear friend in 2015. Sharon was a church member and a good friend. She often gave me wise advice – sometimes unwarranted advice – that always made me consider my options. When she had surgery, I visited her once in the rehab center. She was strong and determined, I had no cause to think she wouldn’t return to church. Weeks went by and I still believed she’d show up to church any given Sunday. But she didn’t. I never saw her again. It’s a regret that will haunt me. I should have done more to see her. I should have reached out more. But I didn’t.

Friendships grew in 2015 and so did our God daughters. The oldest is quiet, reflective – much like me. She tends to avoid crowds in favor of one-on-one conversations instead – like I do. She seems older than seven already. She loves to read and I’m anxious to share my love of books with her. Alas, many of the ones I want to share are still beyond her reach or inappropriate, but someday… The youngest will be young forever. She is vibrant, coy, playful and full of energy and giggles. Once she has your attention, you must not stray. She will be three next month – I can’t wait to see how she develops and what her main interests will be.

My marriage became stronger in 2015. For too long, I looked backward and compared my husband to friends and loves in my past. He is so unlike any of them. He is an enigma wrapped in a fairy tale. He shoulders my burdens like they are his own and rejoices in my achievements giving me full credit. I could not ask for a better life partner. The only place I truly rest is within the comfort of his embrace, safe from life’s obstacles.

It’s been a good year. My family is intact. We’re relatively healthy. I’ve grown wiser. People that take me for granted are no longer given much time in my life. I choose to spend time with those who value me, love me and appreciate me – even in my brokenness. I pray I can keep moving forward in this direction, learning to appreciate others as they are and to find new ways to spread God’s love.

My goal for 2016? Move forward. What’s yours?


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