Why Writing Conferences Are Awesome (Again)

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I regularly attend the St. Davids Christian Writing Conference in Grove City, PA and am now a member of their board as well. This week registration for the conference is open and we’re excited to see who will attend and what new writers we’ll meet this year. (To check it out and to register, visit here.)


With that in mind, I pulled up an old post that I wrote about why writing conferences are so awesome. I thought I’d share bits of that post again to get all of you excited about this year’s conference!

One aspect I love about conferences is that no matter what your particular brand of writing is; romance, speculative fiction, personal experience, devotionals or just blogging; you get exposed to a lot of other genres. One year we had a lot of spec fic (or science fiction-esque) people and it spurred me, the blog-writing-personal-experience-chick, to break out of my box and try it. I experimented with a bit of a paranormal type story on my blog for awhile and it got some good feedback. I thank conferences for the push that it took to put that out there. I’ve also dipped my pen into poetry and children’s writing too thanks to conferences I’ve attended.

(One thing I’d advise: Don’t go to a conference and JUST stick with your genre. Dip your toe into something else – maybe just one workshop. You’ll never know unless you try and it can be fun and get your creative juices flowing!)

The aspect of conferences that I love the most is meeting all sorts of new people. Because our particular group is a Christian group it is a very loving and supportive one as well. We pray for one another, share in each other’s heartaches and successes, and give each other boosts when we need them. I’ve connected to many on Facebook too and, after knowing them in person just one week, I can touch base with them all the time and receive great feedback on my writing. They are almost like family. And my perspectives often change too. Last year I met a lovely black woman at conference and I’ve learned so much about black lives and their struggle through our friendship. I’ve grown as a person and a writer.


Just one of the fun and creative people I’ve met at conference!

No matter what conference you attend, (but we hope you come to ours!) remember to do the following:

  1. Listen and learn
  2. Expand and reach
  3. Step out of your comfort zone
  4. Be open to new things
  5. Write, write, write

Hope to see you at a conference soon!



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