Mini Post Monday!

Life and Happiness

Get Chatting

I just spent an hour with my older neighbor. It’s funny how her and I have so much in common when we are so separate in age. As I look at the presidential nominees in this country and hear so many stories about this person and that person don’t get along I think, “Have they ever just sat down and chatted?”

My neighbor and I chatted about family, health issues and just life in general. Not surprisingly we both had family members with heart disease, both had struggles with weight, both had family that we didn’t speak to anymore and even talked about children (which I don’t have). It wasn’t about politics or religion or anything really “deep” – we just chatted. I got to know her better and we connected with the similarities in our life. I know we don’t see eye to eye on some things, but we avoided those and had a nice, simple chat.

When is the last time you sat with someone, someone you didn’t know all that well, and had just a simple chat? It can be super enlightening. And Jesus told his disciples to do just that – go and have conversations. Now he was much more specific, of course, but couldn’t we all do better if the conversations we started were more than the discourses (often full of hateful speech) we had online?

I often get angry at some people, even friends, when I’m conversing by email. I don’t think it’s because we don’t see eye to eye – it’s that we don’t hear ear to ear. Emails cannot convey emotion; they don’t show body language (despite those little emojis) and they can’t possibly define how we actually FEEL.

So this week I encourage you to strike up a conversation with someone. Just let the chat flow and see how much you really have in common.

My Devotion Time

I’ve been steadily reading through my Bible every day (another resolution for this year) and last week I finished 2 Kings. I read a chapter, study the notes in the Bible and then read the commentary I’m using. This helps me to get background, perspective and try to apply it to my life today. It’s been working well for me. I’ve actually begun to understand parts of the Old Testament now (I know, I’m shocked too!), but 1 & 2 Kings was rough. Just as one king would do good, his son would do evil. I routed for each good king and felt so disappointed when the next would fail. It’s a real roller coaster of a read (something I never thought I’d say!). But I have to say this, it’s where we are in this world today still. We’ve had back and forth in this country too. I’m not sure I can say the past presidents have done “evil” (although some come close), but they certainly aren’t following God’s teachings as they should. When will we see that the only way is with God? Will we suffer for centuries like the Israelites? I think so – we already are.

What I’m Writing

Not much. I made a conscious decision this year to make Tuesdays and Thursdays my “writing” days. I’m working on a young adult fiction book that I’ve struggled with for the last year. I committed to write at least 500 words twice a week. I’ve done well for the most part, but it’s fallen off some. I don’t outline – I’m what they call a “pantser” –  so I’m a little stuck as to where the story is going. I know where I want to go, I’m just not sure how. Adding to the writer’s block is that it’s loosely based on my childhood and one of my friendships. The hard part now is that I’m diverting away from my memories and adding in actual fiction (Imagine that! In a fictional book no less!) so it’s hard for me to keep going. This is really the first full-length fiction I’ve tried to write so these are the hurdles I’m trying to overcome. I feel like this story is in me and it needs out, BUT there is the constant writer struggle that says, “Why?” and “Who would read this?”

Your encouragement will help – if you want to read it that is. I hope to have it done by the end of the year – if I stick with my 1000 words a week it’s a possibility. But here I am writing this on a Tuesday… when I should be writing my YA.

On that note – I’m off to do some other writing. Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week!




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