Giving Some #BlogLove


As some of you know I’m a member of a local writing critique group where I live and many of us also have blogs we write. I thought it’d be a good time to share all those with my loyal followers as you may find something else in this mix that appeals to you as well! I’ve also included some of our group’s Etsy shops that you can peruse!

Roberta Brosius: Roberta writes Wit, Word and The Word which is mostly about God’s Word, but she adds a touch of humor and tidbits about her own crazy life too.

Susan Lower: Susan writes Horses, Heroes and Hope a great blog that encompasses just those things. She’s both a farm girl, a mom and a writer. You can even find some free stuff on her site!

Susan makes the cutest little paper crafts too. Check out her Etsy shop here.

Cindy Emmet Smith: Cindy writes Knit Me a Story. As you can tell, Cindy likes to knit (see her Etsy shop info below) and some of her blogs are about that, some are about her writing and some are just about the quirkiness of life.

Cindy is proficient in handicrafts as well as writing. Check out her Etsy shop here.

Caitlyn Smith: Caitlyn is Cindy’s daughter. She also happens to be a massage therapist and her blog, All Natural Bodywork, gives insight into what we can do to help achieve the maximum health for our bodies from massage therapy.

Tonya Wilhelm: Tonya is a woman of many talents. Check out her blog for some inspiring photography.

Kathie Mitchell: Kathie writes a fun little blog about the life of a Country Grandmother. You’re sure to find some quirky, fun and enlightening posts on her site!

Angela Schans: Fuel your spiritual fire with Angela on her blog, Periscope and so much more. Check it out here.

Brenda Hendricks: Brenda writes Encouraging Today’s Christian. As you can tell, her blog is mostly about God’s Word, but she mixes it in with her own artwork, connecting each in a wonderful way.

Brenda’s artwork can also be purchased on Etsy here.

Tanya Hufnagle: Tanya is one of our newest members and she writes Murder, Mayhem and Finding Faith (Intriguing, right?). Tanya writes about her struggles with finding her faith as well as part of the research she’s doing for her murder mystery novel.

Joanne Groff: Joanne just posted her first post on her blog Patches of Ordinary a few weeks ago and I think it’s terrific. Not sure where this blogging road might lead her yet, but check her out!

I hope you check out some of these blogs today. Let me know what you think – and let them know too! Did I forget someone? Probably. But my point is to open yourself up to new reading experiences and to share the blog love! Have a great Friday!


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