Gaining Steam

Life and Happiness

I returned from Texas last week and dove right back into stress and mayhem in my life. My father had double bypass surgery (which had been scheduled before I went to Texas) and my mom and I have been visiting him every day since. It takes up about four hours of time with travel and visit.

My dog also came down with some sort of eye issue – infection or something else I’m not yet quite sure. I had to take time to get him to the vet in between my visits to my dad and my other obligations. Turns out the pooch has to see an ophthalmologist. Yeah, I didn’t know they had those for dogs either. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, his issues will be on the mend and Dad will be home from the hospital, making my life just that much simpler.

I’ve felt kind of selfish though over the last week, complaining some about the lack of time to get things done. I even cancelled a writing group meeting because I simply couldn’t gather the energy and the guilt pretty much did me in. I like to keep people happy and I like to keep my obligations, but my itchy, sleep-deprived eyes said, “I don’t think so.” Sleep has been rationed out like food stamps during the Depression and I can’t seem to get caught up.

But here it is Monday again already. Another week has passed and I’ve survived. Dad is gaining strength each day, his heart is stronger than before, and I’m (hopefully) getting more sleep and back into my normal routines. In the weeks to come we’ll all settle back into the routines of life and this past week with its emotional, physical and mental stress will be just a memory.

I’m getting my hair colored this week… something a bit wild. I’m not sure yet, but I need it to re energize my soul. My birthday is coming up and I’m excited to try out this Tres Leches cake for me and my dad (who celebrates his birthday close to mine). It’s a copy of one my hubby and I had while in Texas – it’s so decadent! Totally not good for you, of course, but we’ll share and eat in moderation. I’m excited to see how close to the real thing it is.

So as the month of March comes closer and closer, I’m gaining steam and moving forward despite life’s ups and downs. It’s all we can do, right?

Hope you have a great week and can gather your own steam to keep moving forward. Remember, as I do, God is with us every step of the way – we aren’t doing it alone! God bless.


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