Attempts at Pleasing a Three-Year-Old



This is what happens when you try to please a three-year-old.

Let me set the scene. Friday night with the GD’s (god daughters) and their parents. All is going smoothly and their dad makes Mom and me a lime green “adult” drink (Appletinis). Yum and much needed. What does the three-year-old see?

LIME GREEN. She MUST have it.

Attempts to dissuade her:

  1. Tell her, “No.” (Laughable almost really, but we tried.)
  2. Get her a glass of apple juice with green straw. Nope, not going to cut it.
  3. Her mom says, “Oh you like the cinnamon sugar on the rim? Do you want some of that?” Littlest GD agrees. Mom brings plate of sugar. (You see where this is going, I assume?) Scoop after scoop of sugar gets deposited into apple juice. She is a fiend for sugar. After about five scoops she attempts a sip. “Yuck! That doesn’t taste good!” (Could have called that…) Oldest GD thinks cinnamon sugar in her apple juice is appropriate so she is content.
  4. Pizza arrives, but littlest is now sugar addict and won’t leave plate o’sugar behind. We remove plate and deal with actual sugar withdrawal issues.
  5. Get her the piece of pizza she chose (black olives with mushrooms)… then give her other piece (pepperoni) because this was not the piece she chose. (We have witnesses – she did choose the mushroom one.) Just as we think the drink dilemma has passed, she sees our newly refreshed drinks and exclaims, “I want that!” Attempts to give her the sugar sweetened apple juice continue.
  6. I suggest that Dad get some green food coloring. No such luck. (Sorry friends… you have kids! Get some food coloring!)
  7. Green lime Jell-O is introduced.

In all fairness, we thought it would melt into the juice. It just kind of… bobbed there in the drink. So unappetizing. I don’t blame the poor kid really, but we were trying to appease her AND not get child protective services called on us. At this point, she was fed up with all of our lack of parenting skills and flung herself off her chair onto the floor. Being the kind and considerate people we are, we laughed. (Seriously, it was too much to take in after a week of absolutely absurd incidences. She was not hurt, it was carpeted, and she was not crying. Just stunned.)

She never drank the Jell-O Juice. I drank a sip. Apple with a hint of lime. It wasn’t bad, but I had about one and a half of the actual Appletini before taking a sip so my taste buds could have been skewed. She finally left our group to console herself in the recliner with the pizza she chose. In essence, she was fed up with us and was more content to be alone.

We’d been dissed by a three-year-old. All in all, a fine ending to this rather ridiculous week. I did laugh a heck of a lot, so that was a bonus. And I got this blog post out of it (Thanks, Amy for continuing to say, “There is a blog post in here somewhere!” You were right!) Littlest never got her first taste of an Appletini, but she’ll probably forget about it and next time we’ll use non see-through cups.


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