Stepping Back in Time

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Last week, the sun was finally shining (although the warmth was still lacking) and I decided  to get out of the house and explore a local historical site that I’ve driven by for years without checking out.

In a little town on the road to Danville, PA there is this one-room-schoolhouse. The Montour County Historical Society have done a great job and I could tell you can also see the inside, but it was locked that day. While checking online, I found some great photos by my friend Heather of the interior (small world, but I knew she’d have already been here!) You can check that out here. Apparently it’s open in October on Sundays – maybe I’ll mark my calendar to go back out sometime then.

wp-1458659071955.jpg wp-1458658953998.jpg

There is even old-timey outhouses with cute little children silhouettes on them indicating “hers” and “his.”


While the schoolhouse is unique and fun all by itself, I went there to see the other signs about the famous one-time resident, Christopher Sholes. I have been interested in Mr. Sholes story every time I drove by these signs, being that I’m a writer. You see, Sholes invented the first commercially successful typewriter.



wp-1458659452354.jpg It’s unusual, at least to me, to find someone of this magnitude in history so close by my hometown. Maybe it’s simply because without Sholes improving the typewriter over the years, we would still be writing out every word. Can you imagine! Oh, the horror! Besides that, I know that there are still people who revere the typewriter and still use them to write their works of art. My friend Linda is one of this folks. She participates in Type-Ins even with her own, old typewriter.

In addition to the schoolhouse and the markers for Christopher Sholes, there is also the outhouses, a carriage house and an old post box. The spot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a great educational spot to take the kids. If you’re in PA – be sure to check it out!

wp-1458662794918.jpg wp-1458662822014.jpgwp-1458659429866.jpg


4 thoughts on “Stepping Back in Time

  1. Some time ago my wife, Dorothy, and I were docents at Old City Park in Dallas Texas. It was similar to what you describe here. There were buildings dated from 1850’s to 1910. We would groups through and tell the history of the place and the people that lived and worked there We wore clothing similar for the times. We had to attend classes to learn the stories and we enjoyed it as much, or more, as our visitors. There were houses, a bank, Doctor’s Queen Anne style home and office, general store and old Methodist Church. Great fun. Oh, I almost forgot, a shotgun house.

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