Mini Post Monday – The First 6 Months


We’re almost half way through this year already (I know, right?) and I’ve set out to accomplish many tasks for myself. Here is how I’m doing so far.

  • Expand my editing business. (Check out my post from Friday for the latest on what I’m editing.) I wanted to take on more jobs and increase my business. So far, I’m doing a good job. I’m also learning a lot as I go and my editing is getting stronger and stronger. (I even took a grammar refresher course!) Plus, my clients seem to love me – always a bonus.
  • Write more words. My YA is slowly coming together. A friend even said the other day, “You write so fast!” Is she joking? This book is taking me forever! I started it about a year ago and only have 30,000 words written. Then again, I’m a pantser and she’s a plotter. (Don’t know the difference? Check out this explanation.) Her book is taking her a long time, too, but it’s much more structured than mine at this point. I just keep writing and hope it’ll come together – she had an actually plot in mind when she started. But I told myself I wanted to be done with the first draft by the end of this year and hope to have it published by next. I’m on track to do that.
  • Keep being creative. Last Saturday I organized and participated in a painting event at our church. A friend of mine is an artist and holds painting classes for small groups so I got her together with some of the ladies of our church and we painted the picture below. It reminded me of my high school art class with Mrs. Paul. She was my favorite and I was hers (or at least I like to think so). I really got into the zen of painting that day and think I should find some time to do more of it.        wp-1463592629379.jpg
  • Ancestry research. My friend, Amy, and I am delving into our family history’s together. We signed up for an account with and are hoping to beef up both of our family trees within the next six months. In addition, it gives me an excuse to hang out with her on nights that John is busy studying for his doctorate.
  • Getting my fit on. I sit A LOT during the day and I’ve gained weight. Recently, I’ve taken on a personal trainer to help get me in shape again. What I’ve found is that not only am I doing pretty well by myself, but I also am enjoying the interaction with my trainer. God led me to a Christian trainer and she is such an encouraging person in my life now. I have to write down my eating and exercise so it’s kept me on track as well. Every time I don’t want to do it, I think, “But I have to let my trainer see that I didn’t do it!” That pushes me to get up out of my chair and DO SOMETHING. I even bought a Zumba Wii video from a friend so I can get my groove on in the comfort of my home. No excuses now!

All too often we make plans for ourselves (resolutions, if you will) and we often feel like we fail at them. As I wrote out this list, I realized that I’m actually doing pretty good at my list this year! I’ve set reasonable goals for myself and am on the way to achieving or, at least, making a dent in them.

What about you? Have you been actively pursuing your goals the first six months of this year? Tell me all about it! Toot your own horn! (And keep going – even if you haven’t made a dent – you can still start today.)


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