Mini Post Monday

Life and Happiness

Finding Love

Last week, a friend of mine got engaged. It was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in awhile (via Facebook since he lives in Texas!) – he thought it out so lovingly. It’ll be his second wedding, but, I think, his first real marriage. It made me think back to when John and I were dating. We’d both been hurt pretty badly previously and it’s sometimes hard to overcome those hurts in a new relationship. But sometimes it helps to point you in the right direction. I know it did for me and my hubby, I hope it will for my friend, too. My hubs recently started doctorate schooling. It was a big step and one that we agonized over. Would our marriage hold fast? Would we be able to still connect despite the hours of studying he’d need to do? Guess what? He actually needs my help with his papers! I edit for him and it’s caused us to actually grow a little closer together. Isn’t it amazing what God can do? I know he’ll do it for my friend and his new wife, too. I’m praying for them every day.

Finding Inspiration

If you read my last post, you know I’ve been struggling a bit with writing. Sometimes it just happens, I guess. I have a lot of writer friends and they all go through these seasons, but it’s hard to be with those other writing friends when your own words just won’t flow. I’m so frustrated about my work in progress that it’s causing me some anxiety, but my friends have been so supportive and haven’t chided me for not writing or scolded me to “just do it.” I appreciate their love and support. One friend, whom I admire in her writing skills, took a long break off from writing a novel she’d been working on NON-STOP for the last several years. She finally came back to it and is just about to finish it. She gives me hope that I, too, will find that muse again soon. I’m off to another writing conference this week so I hope that the infusion of creative people around me will inspire me to keep writing. Prayers appreciated.

Finding Time for Me

I realized recently that I give a lot of time to others, but can’t seem to have any time for myself. Most days I don’t even take out my Bible to connect with the Lord. I think it’s one of the reasons I’m stuck on my novel. I simply don’t let my mind rest enough to create. In the process, I’m always thinking about editing someone else’s stuff, making dinner, taking out the dog, cleaning the house, returning that email or meeting up a friend who wants to chat for lunch. I like doing all those things, but when I sit down to write I get crickets! Chirp CHIRP! I’m too focused on my to-do list than my creative list. I’ve taken a bit more time to simply BE with myself (phone turned off) and I’m enjoying runs and walks in the morning with some Christian music every day. I pray that as I reconnect to myself, I’ll find that inner inspiration to finish my novel. I’m not far from the end… and I think it’s a good work… I just need that boost to finish it!

This week, I hope you find whatever it is you’re searching for. May God be a blessing onto your life and may you seek Him in all things.



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