Oh, That Old Blog

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I met a new writing friend the other day and we starting talking about our blogs. She asked me why I started and I had to really think back on it. I’d originally, in 2011, starting writing a blog called “The Rural Spoon and Dish.” The concept was about reviewing small town eateries – kind of like the Urban Spoon, but from the rural perspective. I had a few followers, and only wrote about ten blogs in this vein.

Soon, God started to creep into my blogs and then the frustrations of my life and eventually, my writing “career.” The blog evolved and so did I. So, I changed it to “Fair Maiden’s Journey” (feel free to check it out as it’s still on the web, but don’t follow it or judge me on the content there…) My last name begins with “Fair” and a friend wrote me a poem for my wedding calling me a Fair Maiden so I went with it.


Anyway, I went back to that blog site the other day and realized there have been a few good posts along the way. I can see my evolution in those posts and can see how I’ve arrived at this spot now in my life. (By the way – this one – about my 10 favorite things… still holds true.)

As I look back on those posts I see scribblings about finding joy, watching my weight, feeling loss of friends and family and even some decisions I had to make. You see, that’s why I changed this blog to “Sue’s Simple Snippets” – they are snippets of my life. The everything that makes me… me.


We all struggle. We all search for our way in life. We all want to be heard in some way. This is my way. And I’m so glad you’re listening (most of the time.) For those who’ve been with me from the beginning – thank you. For new folks – thank you, too and welcome.

I’m going to try and find a way to move all those posts to this blog soon so they can be read more easily. I had thought previously that most of them were junk… but after reading some today, I realize they are still me… still part of me and I don’t want to lose them. I’m proud of my evolution and excited to keep going.

God bless and have a great Friday!


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