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That guy named Job

I am in the middle of reading the Book of Job in my Bible. I’ve never been a big fan of this book, but I’ve fought hard to understand it. This time around I’m using a journal (my JOT) and a commentary by J. Vernon McGee. At first, I was just as upset about God and Satan having a little discussion about Job as I’ve been in the past. It seems as if they are just the puppet masters of our lives. Job hasn’t done anything wrong and, yet, he gets dinged. But now I’m on chapter 32 and Job is waxing on and on about how awesome he is. At one point, he sounds like Mother Theresa. “I made the widow’s heart sing,” (vs. 13) and “I was eyes to the blind and feet to the lame.” (vs. 15) Gees, Job… prideful much? The book started to finally make sense to me. Job wasn’t all he was cracked up to be.

You see, we can go about our lives doing good for others, tithing the appropriate amount (and more), and we can do everything (works-wise) that we think God wants us to do. But what if we have pride, bitterness or anger in our hearts? That’s what happened to Job. Yes, he was “doing” everything “right,” but God wanted more from him. He wanted him to be humble and contrite – to truly trust in the Lord and not on his own understandings, pride and material possessions.

It’s hard for us to be that way… I know it is for me. Especially in America, we have this sense of entitlement. (Heck, both presidential nominees are neck and neck because of it!) But God wants us to humble ourselves before Him, to clean out our house so there is only room for Him. One way I do this is by being real. I pray for God to remove bitterness from my heart, to show me ways to be humble and to remove any items that I’m relying on more than Him. Those are big, scary prayers… but the only way to really let God lead.

My Old Blog

Some of you may have seen a new tab on my site: “My First Blog.” I worked hard a few days ago to transfer all my original blog posts to this WordPress site (from Blogger) and now you can read (or re-read) them all by clicking on that tab. I’ll probably repost a few of them over the next few months and try to expound on my original thoughts. When I first starting writing this blog, I thought my writing was pretty crappy. When I look back on them now, I see that maybe the thoughts weren’t well defined, but God has had a plan all along. I’m thankful and hope that I may have made the difference in someone’s life with at least one of my posts. I’m grateful to have followers and I pray that God will continue to lead me on this path. If you read one of the old ones and liked it or would like me to revisit it – be sure and let me know!

A Break in the Action

My hubby just finished his second class of his doctorate and we spent some time this weekend in DC with his sister to celebrate and relax. I’m sure I’ll write more about it in a future post, but, since we frequent the DC area, I’d love to know what my readers would like me to check out there or what you’ve seen and think I need to check out in a future trip. I’m open to most suggestions including places to dine and things to visit. We’ve done most of the monuments and a lot of the museums. This past trip we visited the DAR Library (a book and history nerd’s dream!) We’ve also traveled a bit out of the area and done some local wineries. I’ve also been to a Nationals game – Go Nats! But what do YOU love to do in DC? Share in the comments below!

Have A Great Week!

I’m off to do a bit of writing and more editing for clients with deadlines. I pray you have an awesome week and look for all of God’s blessings in everything you encounter. Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “Mini Post Monday

  1. I can’t agree with you on this and I am sure you can’t use the Bible to back up your assumption.

    Job had NO pride whatsoever.

    God, Himself, called Job “PERFECT” over and over again starting from the 1st Chapter.

    Job 1:1 KJV

    There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was PERFECT and UPRIGHT, and one that FEARED God, and ESCHEWED evil.

    Job was not tempted because He was proud or had sinned against God, God allowed the devil to tempt Job because satan thought Job had every REASON to be RIGHTEOUS and PERFECT.

    The devil thought Job was “PERFECT” and obeyed God because he had material possessions, great wealth, families and everything he needed. But God knew Job well enough, his heart was right with God.

    The devil took everything away and thought Job was gonna turn from God. He clung to God because his OBEDIENCE was not based on those stuff. The devil was wrong and God was RIGHT.

    You’re accusing him the same thing his friends accused him, that his SIN (sins) brought about the temptations. Yet, God and the Bible shows that he was PERFECT.

    I hope you read till the last chapter.
    God bless!

    1. However, in chapters 29 thru 32, Job goes on and on about how righteous he is. He does, in some places, start to blur the line between recalling good deeds and exprssing pride in his own standing within his community. He is basically saying, “No, no I’ve done all these wonderful things.” He was not expounding about God’s blessings to him, he was expounding his own righteousness. If Job was not partially telling his friends about how good he, as a man, was, then why does God have his discourse within this book? I have read through this book several, several times. I’ve been working with multiple commentaries to help me to understand it better. It is the sin of Pride that God wanted Job to overcome. In chapter 39, God asks him multiple questions. This is God’s way to say, “If you know so much why can’t you tell us the answers to these things?” It’s because Job is not God. Also, yes, Job was “upright,” but as his friends kept trying to pin sin on him, he realizes how upright he is…leading him to become almost boastful of his own successes. But it isn’t WE who are perfect or upright, it’s God. He ALMOST lost sight of that fact.

  2. Yes, Job has done “all those wonderful things.” God blessed him and he used the possessions to bless others. Job could choose NOT to bless and share with the needy, and he wouldn’t be “UPRIGHT” and “PERFECT”.

    If he was “boastful” and “proud”, why did God not punish Job for his SIN?
    Why did the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning if he was “proud”? Job 42:12

    I just realized that, you explained this according to your thoughts. Perhaps, It’s the theology or your commentators’ that you believe in that’s flawed.

    If you believe any point of Calvinism you will hardly believe Job was “upright” and “perfect” as the Bible says.

    1. I’m using an NIV Study Bible and J. Vernon McGee’s “Thru the Bible” commentary. Mr. McGee is a highly respected authority on the Bible. His theology is not “flawed.” I DO believe Job was upright (not “perfect” because none of us are [Romans 3:23 – All means ALL – even Job]. And the Hebrew word used in Job 1 for “perfect” is better translated as “mature” or “full grown”.) Again, I ask you, why then does God feel the need to chastise Job at the end if he has not done SOMETHING wrong? He blesses Job more because Job repents (40:3-5). Job comes very close (close to – doesn’t do it) renouncing God and to patting himself on the back by recounting all the good things he has done. He wasn’t upright because of the things he’d done – he was upright because of his faith in God. Yes, we can do many good things as a result of God’s blessings to us, but we can never say we were able to do these things because of our own righteousness. Job almost stepped over that line. It’s an illustration to us that we must be careful not to rely on ourselves or think the work we do is due to our own “perfection.”

      “God stripped Job of all his securities in order to bring him to Himself” ( God did pick the most righteous man he could find to let Satan mess with, but no man is perfect. Just as God uses situations in our own life sometimes to draw us closer to Him, He did so with Job.

      I appreciate our discussion so much. Obviously, I don’t know it all either – the whole point is that I’m seeking to know Him better. I encourage you to seek out multiple commentaries, groups, discussions and try to understand God more fully as well. Thank you for your comments! God bless.

  3. The difference is in the theology you cling to, which influence your thoughts.

    You knew you couldn’t believe Job was “PERFECT” even though the Bible makes it clear.

    I don’t seek out multiple commentaries and groups to understand God. I believe the Holy spirit does the job better.

  4. Interesting. I like McGee very much. My wife and I used to listen to his radio broadcast and I used some of his books for my Sunday School teaching preperation. From the responses I read it appears that some are fixated on the translations they read rather than examining the meanings of the original text.

    1. I like him, too, and try to use multiple translations to expand my knowledge. There are some things that McGee says that I don’t agree with, but mostly I think his commentary is sound. Thanks for your comment.

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