Books To Read

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Here’s a list of recent books I’ve checked out and think you should, too.

The Bard and the Bible

This is the latest book from my friend, Bob Hostetler. Bob is downright spot on when it comes to prayer (check out The Red Letter Prayer Life, too – and his other books), but this year-long devotional offers more than your average devo. Bob takes quotes from Shakespeare and compares them to Bible passages, then gives a short life application or illustration to go with both (you’ll be surprised how close some of Shakespeare’s words come to the words of the Word). In addition, each chapter goes along with Shakespeare’s life and gives little tidbits of background info like what age ol’ William was when he wrote certain things and where his inspiration came from. If you love William Shakespeare and the Word of God – you want this book.


Okay – this one is an old one, but a friend of mine just suggested it to me awhile ago and I checked it out. So good! It has a lot of science fiction and some romance kicked in. It’s almost Romeo and Juliet to some degree, because their “clans” don’t get along and the family dysfunction is the best, but the imagery and the way these two completely different worlds view things is incredible. There are elements of Christianity in this, too, which made it even more interesting for me. If you like science fiction (Star Trek – not Star Wars kind) then you’ll like this. It’s a series, too, but I haven’t read the others yet.


So I just found out that this is a whole series, too. My brother-in-law was telling me about it and I realized I had read the first mini story of this collection and thought it was it, but there is more. I haven’t read the rest yet, so I’m only recommending this first short story for now. They live underground and someone has to sacrifice themselves every so often to clean the lens looking out into the outside world. Imagine that… you can SEE the outside world, but can’t go OUT into it. And then you can watch someone you know do it… to clean off your view and then they DIE in front of you. Killed by toxic gases eating through their specially designed to last only as long as the cleaning suit. !! There is not a word wasted in this short and it can be easily read within a half hour so if you’re searching for a quick, fascinating read – this is it. I’m going to buy the others, too, and I’m sure they will not disappoint.

As you can see, I’m into a bit of the dystopian right now. I also had a friend recommend The Red Queen to me, but I haven’t read it. I also recommend: Gray Area, Mercy’s Rain, the Firebrand series, and White Chalk (some foul language) … to name a few.

How about you? What books do you recommend?


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