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I’ve been experiencing a few slow days here in my editing work so I’ve had time to do some work around the house instead. I’ve washed the windows, cleaned the house (goodness, it needed it) and worked a bit on my non fiction book. (My Young Adult novel is being read by a group of awesome writers right now and I’ve gotten good feedback! I can’t wait to get it out there for all of you to read it!)

I’ve also done a bit of extra work for some clients and found that it was a fun way to pass some of the extra time I had on my hands. So, I’d like to pass along my additional skills to every one of my readers in case you’re in need of something I can offer, too.

  • Editor: As you all know by now, I’m primarily a freelance editor. I work mainly with full-length fiction novels, but I’ve done my fair share of non fiction works, too. I specialize in substantive editing (the big picture stuff), but I have a keen eye for detail, too and I’m pretty OCD when it comes to misspellings and punctuation issues. I’m actually looking for some shorter pieces – articles, blog posts, devotions, etc. So if you have something you’d like an editor to look over – give me a shout out! My rates (I’m told) are very reasonable and I love to help others with their writing.
  • Writer: I don’t like to write for others – ghostwriting they call it – but I do some copy writing. Recently, I worked on an author bio for my long-term client, Shannyn Leah. If you haven’t read any of Shannyn’s books yet, you should. Especially if you like romance novels. Her new story, Winters Rising, comes out soon and includes fantasy with the romance – it’s such a good read! Check out the author bio I did for Shannyn here.           In addition to writing bios, I write book descriptions, too. I’ve written all of Shannyn’s – see the one for Winters Rising here.
  • Amateur Genealogist: I’ve done my own genealogy work for almost ten years now for both myself and my husband’s family. I’ve also helped a few friends with their initial family trees. Although, I think is a pretty straightforward site to use, some folks have a hard time getting started. I’d love to help you start your family tree on Ancestry if you’re interested and see where it might lead! I’ve already identified a Revolutionary War Patriot (several actually) in my family, several in my husband’s family and, probably, at least one in my friend’s family. Not to mention Civil War Veterans! It’s so fun – let me help you discover your family history!
  • Beta Reader: I’ve recently realized the importance of beta readers as I wait patiently for mine to get back to me about my YA. I believe beta reading plays to my own strengths as a substantive editor because I see the big picture of the story first. Does it work together as a whole? Are there lapses in the timeline? Does the story need more … something … to make it shine even brighter? I’d be happy to do beta reading for anyone who needs it and will do so in exchange either for a free copy of your book when it’s complete or for a very minimal fee.

So there you have it – all my many skills! Truly, truly, I’d love to help you in whatever way you think I could. I believe that God has blessed me with the skill set I have in order to connect to others in a more personal way. I love working one on one with authors to refine their novels. I’ve made many good friends as a result and each and every one has been so equally supportive to me when I need it, too. Life is about relationships and I’m loving meeting new people and reading their work every day.

God bless and have a great week!


To see more of my services, click here. To contact me about any of the above services, go to my contact page and send me a note. I respond typically within 24 hours. In addition, follow me on Instagram and Twitter.



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