Friday Flashback

Life and Happiness

Yesterday, I brought home a box full of photo albums. They’re my mom’s. I decided I wanted to scan all of them into my computer and provide both her, my brother and I with electronic versions of these memories.

Photos are some of my most favorite things. As an amateur genealogist, it’s a thrill when you stumble upon an old photo of one of your ancestors. Especially one that you hadn’t seen before. Many times, the person reminds you of someone in your family… it’s so obvious they are related!

But as I did a quick look-through of my mom’s photos, I realized something even better tucked within each photo. Memories not only of people, but the places and things that surrounded us.

Here I am with a set of old headphones on. Probably listening to country music like Conway Twitty or Dolly Parton. I remember standing there, connected to the stereo so I couldn’t walk far (kids today will never understand) dancing to my favorite tunes. I loved music from an early age. The stereo seemed huge, but now I see it was just part of a lot of shelving that we had. (See those old encyclopedias? Ha! Kids won’t understand that today, either.) The headphones were almost as big as my head! Hm… there are a lot of those photos. I must really have liked listening to music!wp-1474296701100.jpgwp-1474296701107.jpgwp-1474296701105.jpg

You see that little chair behind me in this last picture? I LOVED that chair. It had the map of the US on the tabletop part and it’s where I ate (eating in front of the TV was big then, you know.). But, one day, my dad sat in it, joking around, and broke it. Gees… I still miss that chair. And the plastic under my feet? Did your family have that? It was meant to save the carpet from wearing out where you walked most. My gram had plastic on her furniture too. Really uncomfortable in the summer!

Then there is the album of my parent’s wedding. I’ve seen the photos a hundred times, but love this one the best.


It’s not of my mom and dad, but of my dad with his best man (Dad’s in front of the preacher and his bestie is all the way to the left). (Don’t they look sharp in those white suits?) They are still friends today – almost fifty years later! And still neighbors, too.

I have many of me and my best friend, as well in these albums. Guess what? She’s the daughter of my dad’s best friend (See below – don’t they look alike…)! We grew up together and she’s still like my sister today. She was my matron of honor at my wedding!

Oh, and here are the multiple times we made deer bologna. As you can see, this was something I loved doing with my dad from an early age.



Mom still has both of those containers seen above. The silver one we use for ham and turkey now. Dad hasn’t gotten a deer in awhile….

Anyway, I’m going to go through more of these photos now. I hope you enjoyed my little walk down my memory lane. I need to start scanning these so I can hold on to these memories forever.

God bless and enjoy your weekend! Go out and make some memories!!



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