Missing Words

Life and Happiness, Religion

The other day there was this cool thing on Facebook to see what words you most commonly use in your posts. I thought, “Why not?” and hit the button to generate my words. What I saw surprised me so I made the test do it again. And again. Some of the words were rearranged, but some words I expected to see didn’t show up. Here is one that I got:


Can you guess what’s missing?

I looked and looked at this graphic and there is no mention of God. Yes, there is “grateful” and “blessings” but not the actual words “God,” “Lord,” or “Savior.” I was a bit disappointed in myself. Then I began to consider why these words didn’t show up.

You see, all too often we, as Christians, tend to stifle our faith. We use words that won’t offend anyone – words like “blessing” and “grateful” – to indicate what we are trying to say. Yes, if you look at my actual posts on Facebook, you’ll probably discern (without knowing me) that I’m a Christian. But I’m not being direct in my faith. I’m using inoffensive wording to try and speak to the masses about how God saves. Although it can plant a mustard seed, I’m too busy worrying about how others might perceive me and not shedding God’s truth in every form and word.

If someone were to ONLY see this graphic above about me they would know I’m a writer and love books, that I’m involved with Plexus, that I’m working on my health and maybe even about my love of ancestry (nsdar, history),  but not that I love God. For me, it was like a big light bulb going off in my head. It’s a big indicator of how I’m living my life (most days). I choose to put everything else before God. I work on my writing, my health, my career… but not on my relationship with God.

Now I’m choosing, instead, to let the world (via my social media outlets) know how I truly feel about my Lord and Savior. If I ever take this little test again, I want some of the prominent words to be Lord, Savior, God, Jesus, Bible, Everlasting Life… the list of words is really quite huge. I want others to know the truth, the way and the life that is our Lord and God.

How about you?


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