Unexpected Prayers

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Happy Monday. Here’s to another week filled with demeaning political posts, lies and downright depressing news. Are you as sick of it as I am?

A few days ago, I posted this meme on Facebook:


Courtesy of Audrey Loves Paris

I got a lot of responses and I’ve seen it reposted numerous times. I think almost everyone is tired of election season. I personally just want it to be over. It’s hard to look at the news or any online… anything, because so many people are backbiting each other about the candidates. I’ve seen some pretty ugly banter going back and forth on friend’s feeds. It’s sad.

But then I received an email from one of my favorite authors that I edit for. She’s working on a devotional book and I cannot wait until it’s done. But not in the same way I’ll be glad for the election to be over. I’m excited for everyone to read her book when it’s finished! She had opened up herself in this devotional (and I’ve pushed her to do so). She connects with the Lord in such an open and honest way. She is showing what it’s like to be transparent – we’re not perfect, but God loves us anyway. I think so many people will benefit from her words.

Why do I think this?

Because I’m already benefiting from her words. You see, she writes me emails now and again to let me know her progress. We work in 3-4 chapter segments at a time and she keeps me updated as to when she’ll give me the next installment. Her emails are funny, heartwarming and sincere. The best bonus: She ends each with a beautiful prayer for me.

Here are some she’s recently sent to me:

May God bind any writer’s block you may be experiencing in finishing your YA Novel — so that His anointing will be poured out to you, in you, and on your writing, and the work of your hands. (Remember that woman who washed Jesus’ feet and used her hair to wipe them dry? Well, that’s YOU, too!)

May He refresh your mind, body, and spirit.
May He whisper in your ear those things you need to hear.
May He give you rest from any weariness.
May His peace be lavishly poured out upon you, in, and through you.

Isn’t she sweet? Here’s another one:

May the Lord continue to rejoice over you with singing and dancing. 
May He show you even more ways of His love for you. 
May He continue to help you finish your YA novel.
Of course, may He fill you with His hope which does not disappoint. 
May your sleep be sweet, with a loving refreshment from the Holy Spirit. 

I mean, wouldn’t you love to just receive this kind of love in your inbox every day? I’m so blessed to have found her as a client and I feel equally blessed by her prayers for me. I always read them out loud to my husband, too, so he can experience the kind of blessing that she is for him through me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel this much love for everyone on a daily basis? Wouldn’t it feel good to simply want good things for other people instead of fighting about which candidate is the lesser of two evils?

Let’s keep this love fest going. Let my favorite client be an example to us all. I encourage you to send a written prayer email or note to someone today. I bet if we all did this it would go a long way to helping our country to heal and grow in love with one another.

This week (my own – not up to par with my client’s yet, but I’m trying):

May the Lord shine His face upon you in every situation.
May He fill your heart with his presence.
May you go joyfully to Him in pray for all things.
And may your days be forever blessed by the knowledge that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

God bless and have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Prayers

  1. I always love and take away thoughts to ponder after your posts. Some on caregiving, oxygen and life issues, I save to read again.
    Today as I head out for a few days with my husband to the businesses and medical appointments at Duke University, this is good for the soul. We live in an area horribly hit by Matthew and we were spared, not sure why,who can explain mother nature? Although one business flooded and thankfully, as it was inland and unexpected, all residents and staff were safely evacuated. As we rebuild, it’s time to pray for strength, for our country, for each other. Each one of us faces trials, as individuals, as families, and we do not know another’s journey, but WE CAN and MUST use our prayers and power to stop the smashing of our neighbors…I agree, I don’t even know the policies anymore. Thank you for all of your blogs and posts.

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