A Year Later

Life and Happiness

A year ago I was battling an illness and I couldn’t get it diagnosed. My digestive system was attacking me at random. I could go for months, eating whatever I liked, and then, BOOM, end up in the ER with cramps, abdominal pain and general sickness.

Last October, it came to a head. I’d been in and out of the ER on a pretty regular basis – I’m guessing a few of the ER nurses may have seen me as a “frequent flyer.” I was trying to eat healthy and do my best to eat fruits, vegetables and avoid fried foods, but it didn’t help. My gut was still unhappy. I suspected gall bladder, but it was ruled out. No one could figure out the cause.

It would hit me without warning. I’d have a nice dinner, full of healthy veggies, feeling good about myself and a couple of hours later (usually right before bedtime), the pain would hit. I’d crumpled to the floor in pain, bunched up like a baby in the womb, clutching my stomach and crying. Several times my husband thought I was having heart attacks. I would refuse to go to the ER on some occasions, knowing they wouldn’t find anything, other times we spent hours in the ER only to be sent home without a diagnosis.

Finally, I went to my doctor and complained. I’d already had a colonoscopy when I was about 30 and they’d found nothing. Now, over 10 years later, I was having continuing issues and still no diagnosis.

After yet another trip to the ER, they told me to go on a liquid diet for a few days. “Clean out your system,” they said. I was beyond frustrated and I stopped eating. After all, if I ate, the pains might come back… so, I reasoned, I wouldn’t eat. Not even liquids. I ate very sparingly – rice, chicken broth… nothing else. About a week later, feeling depleted and depressed, I visited my doctor again. He balked at the liquid diet and ordered tests instead. The tests all revealed nothing was wrong. I began to feel like a crazy person. Was it all in my head? But I was still having cramps and pain. The doctor ordered another colonoscopy. (FYI – most people don’t even start having colonoscopy’s until they hit 40. I’ve had 2 already at the age of 42.)

I waited a week for the dreaded test, took my diarrhea-inducing meds (sorry folks – this is the cold, hard facts) and took my severely depleted body in for the exam. It was over quickly and my hubby took me home.

They’d, again, found nothing. Oh wait… yes, my stomach was “nervous” – it spasmed without any reason. The nerves in my gut were uncontrollable and would spasm at will. They had no idea why and it didn’t explain my pain to me. It didn’t explain anything. It was random. A throw-away diagnosis. They could offer muscle relaxers for me. Pain meds that I’d be on the rest of my life. Addictive-type meds that may or may not solve the issue. There was no guarantee.

I went home depressed.

However, after the colonoscopy, I realized I felt better. Like a new woman, in fact. Could it be that simply “cleaning out” my gut had rid me of whatever ailment I’d been suffering for almost 2 months? I started eating in small increments again with no side affects. It was like my guts had purged themselves of the issue.


Then I saw my cousin posting something about a “gut” supplement called Plexus. It seemed like a God-send so I reached out to her. I started taking the TriPlex combo they offered and began to immediately feel even better. I could eat again. I felt good again. My gut no longer rumbled, cramped, exhibited pain or caused me to head to the ER. For me, it was a miracle when no doctor seemed to be able to tell me anything about my pain. I continued taking the supplements optimistically, but cautiously. It would come back… I knew it would come back. It always did.

I’ve suffered for over 10 years with that gut issue. Now, a year after starting Plexus, I’ve not had a single pain, I’ve not been back to the ER and I eat what I want without fear. I am “regular” for the first time since being a baby. And all it takes is two plant-based supplements a day. No costly ER bills, no costly doctor’s visits, only this.

The other day my husband said, “Hey. I’ve noticed we haven’t spent any money on doctor’s or extra meds lately. Last year was much different.”


I said, “Yep. It’s the Plexus.” I’ve literally changed nothing else in this past year. I do watch what I eat – part of the fear is still there (the pain was SO bad), but I let loose on many occasions and have not had any recurrences of the pain.

Not once.

For me, Plexus saved my life. At the age of 41, I thought I was going to be eating rice and chicken broth for the rest of my days. (Do you know how depressing that is?) But, now, I have a new lease on life. I’m feeling better, I’ve lost weight and I have more energy. I don’t know any of the ER doctors or nurses now and I haven’t seen my doctor in almost 6 months (since my last regular check-up, which took about 10 minutes because there wasn’t anything to complain about!)

So now, I’m asking you – Are you in pain? Do you want to start fresh? Why not try Plexus and see what happens? There is a 60-day money back guarantee – if it doesn’t work for you, what do you have to lose? If it DOES work – what do you have to gain?

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