The endless (and fruitless) search

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Last weekend, I went on a search for some workout pants. I’ve been going regularly to a strength training class twice a week and, as the winter approaches, I need some longer workout pants. Sweats don’t cut it because I do work up a sweat (which seems weird that those pants are called that when they are really too heavy to work out in.)

You all know how much I hate to shop for clothes, pants especially, and this time was no different. You see, since I’ve been working out, my waist area has trimmed down nicely, but I’m still working on the hip area. This causes a bit of a struggle when one is 10 inches larger than the other.

But you would think that the exercise clothing industry would have this worked out. I mean, people are fat to begin with when they start a regimen… or they wouldn’t be working out. Am I right? But do you think I could find a pair of lighter type pants to work out in?


Many of the options are of this style:


Now… don’t get me wrong. These are cool. I’d love to wear them. But see how her hips are almost the same as her waist? Yeah… these wouldn’t fit me. In addition, they ride “low” on the hips. That’s what I need: to be yanking these up every two seconds while trying to work out. Or worse, mooning some other woman in the back of the class.

Literally every pair of workout pants I could find were of this stretchy material. Nothing loose and non-moon-worthy. So I went to the men’s section. Oh, the glory of the workout pants!! Their section was easily THREE TIMES larger than the women’s section. Workout pants as far as the eye could see! I tried on several…alas, I’m not as tall as a man. (I do worry about those short fellas out there…they’re in the same boat apparently.)(And it couldn’t be hemmed – a zipper graced the bottom…why? I don’t know.)


These seem…. understated.

I also noticed a plethora of sweatshirts for men – something you won’t see in the women’s department. Small workout bras and thin sleeveless shirts are all we get. I guess working out must make us warmer than men. There is no other explanation. (Insert the snark meter here…)


A search for “Comfortable workout clothes” got me this. Oh! Stilettos….That’s what I forgot to get.

So, once again, I left the store without buying clothes, determined to work off this hip fat instead. Although…I don’t have suitable pants for the winter still. So I guess I’ll either be working out naked or freezing in my light capris.

Do any of you have this issue too? Where do the Kardashian girls get pants?


4 thoughts on “The endless (and fruitless) search

  1. I think the Kardashians live in Calif? where they can wear capris comfortably all year round??? Have you considered getting leggings (or something else stretchy) and covering up with loose long t-shirt or sweat shirt?

    1. They do wear long pants and capris are no different because it’s the waist and hip that’s the issue. Leggings also don’t work properly for me and I am slightly offended at the rest of your comment. Why should I have to “cover up”? Because I’m built differently I should expect clothes not to fit?

  2. I started looking for workout clothes in 2012. Since then, I have found ONE pair of lightweight pants that are comfortable and keep my backside covered. I got them at the Salvation Army.

    I have always been of the belief that if a woman’s hips were ten inches bigger than the her waist that she had what would be considered the perfect figure. It can be hard to dress perfection when we live in an imperfect world.

    1. I found some yesterday at JC Penney. More than I wanted to spend but beggars can’t be choosers. I see all these celebrities bragging about their big bootys and I’m over here trying to get rid of mine. Lol

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