Dear Santa…

Life and Happiness

Dear Santa,

I haven’t written you a letter in quite a few years. I must admit, my holiday is much more about Christ now than it is about you. I mean…what you do for the kids is great and all, but I’m more concerned about my salvation than about gifts from your little elves.

Anyway, I’m writing you this year (and kind of early, too) because I think this country could use all the help it could get. You see, tomorrow is election day here in the US. It’s been an ugly, UGLY campaign season and I’m so disgusted by both the major candidates that I’m coming to you (and I’ve already been to God in prayer for weeks) to see what you can do to help.

I know there probably isn’t any toy your elves could make to fix all this. Although, maybe they could put together something that makes us all smile instead of cussing, sneering and backbiting each other. (Then again, toys sometimes tear us apart, too. Remember that Cabbage Patch debacle?) Or perhaps there is a potion you could conjure up to make us forget these two candidates and provide us with two, more suitable ones? Don’t you use something to get your fat butt up and down all those chimneys every year? (And BTW, can I get some of that butt burner potion?)

Then again, maybe it’s best if we have to deal with what we’re given this year (and the next four). As a country, we’re pretty messed up. I’m not sure who you will even find to keep on your “nice” list this year. I’ve seen a lot of “naughty” folks screwing it up for the rest of us.

In any event, if you can do something I wish you would…and soon…like before Christmas. Like…NOW. We’re kind of down to the wire here and I’m not sure we’ll even make it to Christmas.

Thanks in advance. Say “Hi” to Mrs. C for me.

Not putting all my hopes in you, but do what you can.



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