Flash Friday

Life and Happiness

Another week has flown by and, believe it or not, we’re already into November! The year is going by in a flash. Here are ten things I’m working on (and need to accomplish before this year is up):

  1. November 14 and 17 – I’m guest blogging on two different blogs. Check them out here and here.
  2. November 12 – I’m helping Mom out at the Muncy High Craft Show in Muncy, PA. If you live close by, come see us. Mom crochets doilies and I go just to help out. Although I’m looking over my Pinterest boards and thinking, I should really get to crafting.
  3. Our critique group does a section of the local paper every Christmas day and I’ve been the coordinator for the last few years. This means I’m coercing and leaning on people in our group to write Christmas stories. We add in photos and drawings, too, to keep it interesting. It’s kind of a stressful thing, but I enjoy every story that comes over my desk every season and it helps me get in the Christmas spirit.
  4. I’ve just about wrapped up Christmas shopping but not the Christmas wrapping. Don’t be jealous – I only have a few people to buy for so it’s easy.
  5. I’m planning my Thanksgiving dinner. I only have to cook for four people and my parents like traditional things, but this year I’m trying at least two new recipes. Fingers crossed. (There is always turkey and pumpkin pie if the recipes fail.)
  6. Working on a few items as a writer. I’ll have a few journals available on Amazon for purchase soon (one here) and my Young Adult Fiction, What You Think You Know, will be available for purchase on Christmas Day – available for pre-order now! I appreciate all your support.
  7. I’ve finished scanning all those photos for my mom. Now I just need to crop and caption them all and put them on a thumb drive to share. (Me thinks this is a job for the new year…)
  8. Looking to expand my editing clientele. If you have a novel or story you need edited – let’s talk!
  9. Revving up to host my in-laws over the Christmas holiday. I enjoy making food and entertaining them while they’re in town. They are good food testers so I get to try out new stuff!
  10. Being happy. As many of you know, I suffer during the cold winter months from Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’ve been doing well so far and have updated my office with bright new colors and even a plant! I diffuse scents daily that are proven mood boosters and I get outside as often as I can. (And if you suffer from S.A.D., check out my journal.)

So there you have it. A lot in store for the next two months!

Just in case you missed it:

There are less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving, only 7 Fridays (including today and Black Friday) until Christmas, and only 8 until a whole new year starts!


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