Big News!!

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Today I’m blogging over at Whispers in Purple. Check it out here and give blog owner Peggy some love while you’re there.


Also! My Young Adult novel is available for pre-order on Kindle now! Click here to get yours! Pre-orders will be sent on December 16 – makes a great gift for all your friends who love to read. Print versions will be available to purchase on December 16 (no pre-order) as well.


What You Think You Know

Fifteen-year-old Emily Forester is sure of one thing: Beth Myers will be her friend forever. Friends almost since birth, they even share the same nervous habit—biting their cuticles. They’re like sisters and nothing can ever change that, or so Emily thought.

Now, Emily discovers Beth displaying disturbing new habits, and begins to doubt how well she knows her best friend after all. When Beth betrays their sister-like bond, Emily is crushed and considers what life would be like without Beth. She’s already lost her mom; will she lose Beth, too?

The one concrete thing in her life, her friendship with Beth, starts to crumble. Longing to talk with her mother, Emily confides in her dad instead and he reveals more shocking secrets. Will these new revelations bolster her relationship with Beth, or tear them apart forever?


3 thoughts on “Big News!!

  1. I checked out the “Whispers in Purple” blog and read your devotional, “God is at Work in Me – A Devotional offering from Sue Fairchild.” Well done, Sue! It blessed my heart as I read it. When an editor works with a writer, and that writer works with that editor, there’s a special bond the develops between each person. God specifically brought them together for His purposes. The devotional reminds me of the scriptures in Jeremiah 18:1-4 where Jeremiah goes to the potter’s house and sees the potter working in clay. When that clay doesn’t come out right, the potter has to begin again. In each of our lives, we are the clay. God is the potter. He keeps molding us as He sees fit. In this case with an editor and a writer, each one is like that clay in God’s hands. Both the editor and the writer learn from each other. The end results: Only God knows the impact of what the editor and the writer have accomplished through Him and with Him. Most important: God will receive all the glory.

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