A Little Late Thankfulness

Life and Happiness

A lot of my friends had posted “thankful” posts on Facebook during November. It’s the month of Thanksgiving and it’s usually the appropriate time to do it. I can never seem to keep up with the day-to-day posts and end up missing at least a few days. So I didn’t end up doing it. Lest I looked upon as being “un-thankful,” I decided to write this post – a little late – about thirty things I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for:

30. my book finally being out! Order your copy – paperbook or ebook version – here.

29. that the election is over. Need I say more?

28. my great writer’s group. We all pulled together this year to put together a wonderful Christmas insert for our local newspaper. I think it’s the most stories we’ve ever had for this insert!

27. the roof over my head and heat on my feet.

26. being healthy – and having no trips to the ER – for a year now!

25. some family relationships that had previously been strained, but seem to be progressing in good directions.

24. my walk with God being in a good place.

23. God who is my savior, my rock, and my fortress.

22. that my parents are healthy.

21. that my husband has a great job.

20. the awesome authors I edit for. (Are you an awesome person who writes? I’d love to add you to my client roster!)

19. the weight I’ve lost recently (something I’ve been working hard to achieve for awhile now).

18. that my aging dog has been healthy.

17. new friends I’ve met through the DAR.

16. my marriage.

15. the sun.

14. daylight light bulbs.

13. opportunities to share my writing.

12. new friends.

11. old friends.

10. the knowledge that I am doing what God has placed me here to do.

9. the ability to give back to others when I can.

8. my church.

7. good books.

6. good reviews (Have you read my book? Could you leave me a review? PLEASE?)

5. constructive criticism that makes my writing better.

4. apologies.

3. forgiveness.

2. love.

1. joy.

If you haven’t written down a list of things you’re thankful for lately, why not do it today? Don’t let the every day stresses of life weigh you down with hatred, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness or strife. Move on today and examine all the GOOD in your life, instead.

God bless.


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