Christmas Is Almost Over!?


Today I’m getting ready for the Christmas weekend – can you believe it’s almost here? Soon it’ll be over! My hubby’s parents have traveled from Nebraska as they do every year to be with us and his sister and her husband are staying with us for the weekend, too. I’m looking forward to a weekend full of family, food and God.

Our church already celebrated Christmas Eve – we do it early every year so that folks from other congregations who are swamped in pageants, cantatas and the like can have a quiet service in which to attend. With this celebration already behind me, I see that Christmas soon, too, will be past. As always, the church service was a beautiful time of candlelight, music and the Word. I always walk away after “Silent Night” with a tear in my eye and joy in my heart. I think I never really am in the “Christmas Spirit” until after that celebration. Now, I’m clinging to that moment in hopes of making it last a few more days.

We’ll split our time this year with both families as well as the Lord. I know it’s bound to be a hectic day, but I endeavor to savor the time spent with people we love. Soon the out-of-town folks will leave, decorations will be put away and the cookies will all be eaten (I hope they will be eaten…) and then we’ll settle back into a new year, waiting out the winter doldrums.

As I settle in now to spend more time with the family, I pray each of you will seek out God’s Word for you this weekend and beyond. I pray that each of your lives will be enriched with family, friends and life in general. I pray you will know the true meaning of this season and will share it with your friends. And I pray that you won’t let Christmas pass in a rush, but will enjoy each moment to its utmost.

Merry Christmas.



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