Accomplishments and Expectations

Life and Happiness

Last year, I made a short list of goals I wanted to achieve in 2016. You can read that list here. I try to do this every year and then look back on it in the hopes that I’ve accomplished something.

Well, guess what? I did. Sadly, it was only one thing, but I did accomplish something. I finished one work in progress. I actually published my novel! Better yet, I’ve sold a few! I think I can probably say I accomplished part of one of the other goals – being a better wife. The hubs doctorate schooling has been stressful for us both, to say the least, but I have found ways to occupy myself while he studies and this, in my opinion, makes me a better wife. Back when we were first married, I’d sulk and complain a lot if he wasn’t spending time with me. Now, I use that time for myself. I write or do ancestry research or even spend time with friends. Sometimes I simply veg out on the couch and have me time. That makes me a better wife because he feels, I hope, that he can do his studying without feeling guilty about leaving me behind.

So what do I hope to accomplish this year? What are the expectations for 2017?

  1. Find more clients. Last year, I wrote “Make More Money.” I don’t actually think that’s God’s plan for me. Although it would be nice for extra money to come in, God has blessed us with enough. We have no need of anything and we’re doing fine. What I think God truly wants is for me to find more clients. This doesn’t translate into money – it translates into relationships. The clients I currently have all affect my life in ways beyond the almighty dollar. I’ve found friendship with many of my authors and have even communed more with God thanks to them. So…I’m in search of clients. Do you think we’d be a good fit? Contact me today – remember, it’s about more than money – it’s about connection.
  2. Write More. Yep, this one is still on my list. It probably always will be because I don’t write enough. And I’m not counting this blog. Although I love writing this blog and love you even more for reading it, it’s not what I mean. I have books and devotions inside me yet to be written. I started a new novel based on my secondary character, Beth, from What You Think You KnowIt’s set ten years past the last book (so she’s about 27) and focuses on how she’s coping as a single woman…well, she’s coping with more than that, but I don’t want to spoil my first book for anyone who hasn’t yet read it! But Beth’s story needs written. I can feel in my heart that her story is not yet finished. I want to finish it. Maybe this year. Stay tuned!
  3. Stop Focusing On Others. That seems harsh doesn’t it? But lately, I’ve found myself so wrapped up (once again) in the approval of others. And the judgment of others. It’s a pattern I tend to fall into, but it’s unhealthy. As a result, I often feel bitter, useless and hopeless. People disappoint me so often. I’m sure I disappoint many as well. What I need to refocus on is my relationship with God and how HE sees me. I need HIS approval only. And I need to let Him deal with others in His way and in His time. It is not for me to decide.

There you have it. An even shorter list than last year, but, I think, a bit more comprehensive and a bit more challenging. I’m straying this year away from the surface items and delving into deeper areas. I’m continuing to expect more of myself. But, even if I don’t, I know I am loved by God. You are, too. So don’t force expectations on yourself this year, but do strive to be more than you are. Be kind to yourself and others. Love. Give. Forgive. Live.

God bless and Happy New Year.


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