Struggling With Normal

Life and Happiness

So the holidays are over. Hopefully, all the guests have left and most of the sugar-laden and fat-encrusted foods are gone and you’re left back to your normal routines.

Are you sad? I’m not.

I got through this holiday in a decent fashion. I played along with family functions like I was supposed to. I attended church because Christmas fell on a Sunday. I participated in my church’s Christmas Eve service. I played hostess. I sent Christmas cards and hung the ones we received for all to see. I put up decorations and I sung Christmas carols.

But, in the end, I spent two days afterwards in a pretty deep low. It was hard to get out of bed. I didn’t want to exercise. I ate all the wrong things. And I sulked. In fact, I’m still doing a bit of that.

Despite the warmth of the holiday season I had a few issues that kept me from truly immersing in the spirit. I had minor surgery right before Christmas – nothing to be alarmed about now – but it was a bummer. And my best friend’s father is dying from cancer. He’s like a second dad to me. We’ve known for awhile that he is dying, but my friend had a really crappy Christmas and I felt a little useless in not being able to help her. When she called me a few days after Christmas, she sounded exhausted and I wanted to reach out and do something. I’m in the process of trying to achieve tangible results now, but it’s still hard. Here I had been just wrapped up in trying to enjoy my holiday and she could have used some help. I should have just shirked off the norms and been with her.

The weather didn’t help. We had beautiful high temps around Christmas and then…blah. Back to the cold and even snow. It was like even the weather had had enough.

So now, at the start of week two of the New Year, I’m still recovering. Still trying to get my footing and get back to “normal.” Getting out of bed has gotten better. I’m working at getting back into my exercise routine and trying to find work. It’ll come together again at some point, but, right now, it’s hard.

Are you struggling, too? One thing I want to suggest is a journal. I utilize my blog as a journal of sorts, but I also have several around my home that I just jot notes in from time to time. I also published a journal for Seasonal Affective Disorder Sufferers (buy here) that I think might help if you or someone you know are struggling. I’m not trying to sell you – just do something. Don’t wallow in it for too long. Find a solution. Find something that helps. Seek help in some manner. I’m trying. My husband helps. Friends help. Writing helps. Find what helps you. We can get through this together. Spring is coming.

God bless.


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