Finding Balance

God, Life and Happiness
Balance (as defined by Merriam-Webster): 

stability produced by even distribution
physical equilibrium
mental and emotional steadiness
an aesthetically pleasing integration

My word for 2017 is balance. The above definition by Merriam-Webster best illustrate the type of balance I’m hoping to achieve in this new year.

  1. Stability produced by even distribution: I am striving to include all the things in my life that I deem important in a even distribution. That means, to me, that my health, my relationships, and my career – all need to be balanced – aligned – EVEN. There is no order, per se, they are equal. I want to focus on each of these important things equally.
  2. A physical equilibrium: Having all these important elements of my life in balance will create in me a physical equilibrium. I will feel centered.
  3. Mental and emotional steadiness: When all these things come into balance with one another in this pleasing equilibrium way, I can achieve mental and emotional steadiness.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing integration: This means that each of these things, in a balanced way, complement each other in a pleasing manner. Since none of them hold precedence over the other, they work together to create, in me, the best possible integration. My physical, mental and emotional self will be balanced.

Do you see, in addition, how the words in the definition above balance themselves? I’m beginning to look at everything in my life as a system of balances. Is one thing taking over more of my time – more than it should? Is something causing me mental or emotional distress to the point that it is causing physical discord?

You see, I tend to let things fester and grow within me. Even when I’ve left something behind for another day – I don’t leave it behind. It begins to eat at me mentally and my balance becomes challenged. So, in this new year, I’m working to avoid that kind of instability in my life. I want things to be in balance so that I might have peace, joy, contentment.

Seeking to find a balance across the board, I still know there is only one firm foundation: Christ. He is the stability of all that goes on in my life. He is the rock on which I stand and upon which I can achieve balance in other things. When I start with Him, when I rest in Him, all other things can balance themselves accordingly.

A false balance is an abomination to the Lord
But a just weight is His delight. Proverbs 11:1 (NASB)

There should be a slight imbalance in the things in my life – Christ should take precedence to all other things. He needs to stand out among the other elements of my life in order that He may help me to find balance with those other things. My faith must be larger, stronger, and encompass more of my time, effort and focus than all the rest in order for the rest to be in balance.

As we start this new week – already three weeks into our year (!) – let’s seek to find a balance. And let’s start with the Lord.

How are you achieving balance in your life today? If not with the Lord and His words, is what you’re doing working?


2 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. I really enjoyed this post. The one thing that has been missing in my imbalanced life, is GOD. I was reminded of this very recently, and am working on balancing things in my life. Your post was very timely! Thank you!

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