What I learned this week

Life and Happiness

What I learned this week:

  1. Old friends are the best friends. Especially in a small neighborhood. On Monday, while at my friend’s funeral, I saw so many people I haven’t seen in ages. We reminisced and caught up with one another. One women I remembered from my children as being a matriarch of our church was there looking almost identical to how she looked all those years ago – I felt like I was ten again in her presence. She has some amazing genes. Most people looked older, but no one was all that different. Sometimes things don’t really change as much as we think they do.
  2. Politics haven’t changed much either. Protests, threatening accusations and bipartisan hatred. I could be describing our current situation…but I’m not. I just finished the book “America’s First Daughter” for our DAR book club. The book is written from the perspective of Thomas Jefferson’s daughter about her life with her dad. It’s fictionalized, but the authors did a lot of research and it’s a GOOD book (I highly recommend it). A bunch of us DAR ladies got together Tuesday evening to discuss it and realized politics are just as cutthroat as they used to be. Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence and our third president. Today, we revere him as one of the most influential founders of our nation. But did you know many people then thought him a coward because he didn’t actually fight in the war for independence? Did you know many people didn’t want him to be president? Did you know he died deeply in debt – unable to pass anything along to his children? Did you know he had a mistress (his slave, Sally Hemings)? Many of our forefathers histories are filled with scandal, mistreatment of peoples and profound mistakes – just as our current leaders are today. Sometimes things don’t really change as much as we think they do.
  3. It’s time for some self care. I realized on Monday, at the funeral, that I had been storing up a great deal of sorrow and stress. I’d fought back tears, suppressed anger and bitterness, and disregarded my own health while worrying about the health of others. It’s not a bad thing – but now I need my own self care. I still had a lot of obligations this week, but I took time for myself when I could. I didn’t work a lot (a benefit of being your own boss) and I sought out things that made me happy. I cooked and baked a bunch of things for my DAR book club event and I read a lot. (Cooking is truly one of my happiest places – especially when I’m cooking for others.) And now, as we go into the weekend, I plan on taking even more time for myself and trying to spend some time with my husband.

So…this post is a bit short because I’m really not feeling it today. But I plan on storing up some joy and energy for the new week ahead and hope to be back to my normal self on Monday. I’ve been through this cycle before – ups and downs in my emotional life – but sometimes things don’t really change as much as we think they do. Sometimes we just have to start fresh tomorrow.

God bless and have a great weekend.


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