No Title

Life and Happiness

I’m taking a small hiatus from the blog today. I had to put my beloved Max to sleep on Tuesday and I’m still reeling from the grief. If you pray, I would love for you to remember me today in your prayers.

The house is too quiet.

His bowl too empty.

My heart too broken.

The very last pic I took of Max. About an hour before his death.


6 thoughts on “No Title

  1. I understand completely how you feel. We have to put down two of our fur babies. It is a pain that is different and indescribable. I know we will eventually have to go thru this again in about 14 years because we opened our hearts and home a few months ago to about
    another fur baby. Our last one passed away 3 years ago and we finally were finally able to allow our hearts to have another fur baby into our life.

  2. The grief you feel over your beloved, beautiful, precious Max is shared in spirit by your animal-loving friends who have suffered similar losses. You continue to be in my prayers, Sue.

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