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Okay, here’s a bit of a challenge one of my friends posted on Instagram. We were supposed to use IG to post pics of these items each day of April, but I’m a little swamped so I thought I’d pick some of my favorite questions and make a post instead here. Feel free to reply with your favorites for any you find intriguing.

  1. Favorite Children’s Book. I have this one that I still have and I think I like it mainly because of the illustrations. “The Mitten” by Alvin Tresselt was always a fav of mine growing up and I’ve reread it numerous time in my adult life and to my one god daughter. It’s apparently a Ukrainian folk tale. I know Jan Brett also has a more modern version of this book, but I still like Tresselt’s version best.                                                              
  2. Favorite Genre. That is a hard one for me. Since I’m an editor, I find myself gravitating toward a lot of different types of stories. I recently went through a dystopian phase, but it has to be written really well. The author of a dystopian novel has to reel me into the world right away or it doesn’t work for me. Because of my DAR book club, I’m enjoying some historical fiction. But this tends to be a bit dry for me, so, again, the author has to be on their fiction game for me to enjoy it. I do read some biblical study books and devotionals as well, but those are hit and miss.
  3. Favorite book over 100 years old. Hm…. Well, I just finished (Sherlock Holmes) The Sign of the Four. That was published in 1890, so I guess it counts. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite, but it’s obviously good. I do really love The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett published in 1911.
  4. Most Read Book and Favorite Non Fiction. I put these together because it’d have to be my Bible. I don’t read it as much as I should nor have I read it a lot all the way through, but since I don’t often reread books AT ALL – then this is the one I’ve probably read the most.
  5. Poetry Book or Poem. This is hard because I’m not a huge poetry reader. However, I know a few poets so I’ll promote them. Barbara Crooker is someone I know personally – and you can ask her, she’ll agree – and has achieved some incredible success with her poetry. She is even featured on Garrison Keillor’s website. But, if you ever get the chance to hear her read her own poems – don’t hesitate. She is amazing. She has one poem dedicated to Peeps – it’s my favorite because Barbara wrote it about her mom’s love of the marshmallow treat and my own mom loves them too and the poem makes me think of her. Then there is Matt Zilske. He’s a poet in my writing group. Most of the time none of us understand his poetry, but he usually has an emphasis on Jesus and religious aspects. He has several books available and his Twitter handle is @dangerthinice.
  6. A book I recommend. This one is hard. There are a LOT. I think I’d say this, instead: Don’t read anything you don’t love. This is hard for me, as a writer, to say because I want people to read my stuff. But I hear so many people say that they “wasted time” on a book that wasn’t written well or just didn’t fit their style. And I say, “Why??” There are so many good authors, so much written that will knock your socks off – don’t, under any circumstances, read something that doesn’t thrill you, make you think, push your boundaries or take you to another world. It simply isn’t worth it and your time is valuable. Also, in doing so, you will push writers to push themselves to write better stuff. Reading junk just breeds more junk being put out on the market – don’t do it. BUT, when you DO read something AWESOME, be sure to leave that author a review on Amazon. THAT makes a difference to the author just as their words made a difference for you.
  7. Book Shelfie. (This is just ONE book shelf in my home…) The ones right behind me are pretty old. I need to find cases for them so they don’t disintegrate fuller. The bottom one is Gunn’s New Family Physician – I forget the date, but OLD (1800’s?) – there is stuff about leeches in there. Then the next one is Life of Christ and then The Life of Jesus of Nazareth, then The House with Two Doors (1895 Congregational Sunday School and Publishing Society), The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table (1858 Oliver Wendell Holmes) and Let The People Sing (1939 by J.B. Priestley). OH! That’s one I’ve read numerous times. A good one.

So there you go. A bunch of stuff about books. Now you – share in the comments below!

Happy Friday!


One thought on “Friday Book Fun

  1. BOOKS:
    1. one Wintry Night Ruth Bell Graham
    2. Cozy Mysteries Mutiple Authors
    3. Anything Edgar Allen Poe
    4. Bible
    5. Carnival Evening Linda Pastan
    6. Two Please; 6a Diary Anne Frank
    6b Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Dee Brown
    7. Light From Many Lamps Lillian Eichler Watson

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