Mini Post Monday – newsletters and book reviews

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Here it is Monday again. And April. And almost Easter time. Where did March go? Can anyone tell me?

The next several months are going to be a whirlwind of activity for me, so my blogs might be shorter than usual. Note that I strive to still get my blog out twice a week, even when I’m grieving, sick or have really nothing to say. My readers – you lovely, beautiful people – have been so encouraging through almost every keynote in my life that I just keep writing. You all inspire me to do so.

One item I want to get out right off the bat is this: If you haven’t already signed up to get my newsletter, you should do so. I’ve been super slack about getting one out – but that’s good news for you because it means I don’t clog up your inbox with mundane stuff. If you’re already on my list, you received a FREE copy of my latest novella, Summer’s Refrain a few weeks ago. If you’re not on my list…you missed out! Now don’t you want to sign up?? It’s easy to do so – just click here, fill out the info and you’re set. I promise (hand over heart) to never sell your email or utilize it for ill will.

If you ARE on my list and DID receive your free copy of Summer’s Refrain, can you PLEASE go here and leave me a review? The more reviews I receive, the better my book does and I would be ever so grateful. Here is what a few people are already saying about it:

Finally, because I am a good reader/reviewer, I want to suggest two books to you that I’ve recently read for my DAR book club. America’s First Daughter is written from the perspective of Patsy Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson’s daughter. It’s historical fiction (which means some liberties have been taken) and it’s a fascinating and compelling book to read. In this retelling of Thomas J’s life, we see that although he was a Founding Father, he still was a man, a husband and a father and dealt with a lot of emotions that come with being those things. I really think you’ll love it.

We just finished The Widow’s War by Sally Gunning. Wow. What an eye opening book! This one is set in Colonial Cape Cod and centers around Lyddie Berry after the death of her beloved whaler husband, Edward. Lyddie soon learns what it’s like to be a widow in this colonial period – I’ll give you a hint, there aren’t many “perks” for a widowed woman. But Widow Berry fights back against the religious and societal norms of her day. What she is able to accomplish will astound you and you’ll be cheering her on by the end. Our book club members said they felt empowered because of her story.

I hope you check out both and don’t forget to leave reviews for books you read! Authors spend a lot of time and money to put out quality books that you can read and enjoy – all you need to do is pay it forward by leaving a quick review. Authors will love you for it!

Happy Monday and God bless!


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