Monday Motivation

Life and Happiness

As many of you know, I’ve been working hard the past year to build strength in my body. I’ve done this primarily to help with some aches and pains as well as to lose weight. About two weeks ago, I threw my hip out again. The pain was so unbearable, I wasn’t sure what to do. I’d worked so hard to build up my muscles and here it seemed as though it was for nothing.

I had to go away to a conference (my DAR thing – please read previous post) that was an almost four-hour drive away. I was concerned my hip and back would not survive the journey and I asked everyone I knew to pray for me. I went to the chiropractor two days before my trip and had some pain relief, but the day before I was miserable. I cried, stretched, prayed and wailed. I had no idea how I’d get through the drive to Pittsburgh.

But I kept praying and kept asking for prayer. My friends prayed. My husband prayed with me the night before. I left it in God’s hands.

The trip to and from Pittsburgh was without incident. I actually have more pain sitting in my comfy living room chair typing this post than I did in the car ride. I had very little pain during most of my trip (except for some chair sitting during meetings and meals – although cushioned – they were NOT good for my back kind of chairs.) The bed was soft and comfy, I had ample time to walk around the hotel to get some juice into the joints and I continued to ask for prayers. I felt them. I felt God answering those prayers for three straight days.

When I got home, I even went to see my friend in a play and sat for another four hours! (By then it was starting to do me in, though.)

I know God watched over me those few days. He gave me strength to keep going. He listened to my prayer warriors and blessed me with minor healing for my trip. I do not know why I’m suffering again from this ailment, nor do I try to question God. I just keep praying.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs these past few months. You’ve all read about most of them. I cannot truly understand how anyone who doesn’t know God can get through these types of things. It doesn’t mean I still don’t get frustrated or upset. It doesn’t mean I think everything is always sunshine and roses, but it does mean that I can pick myself up and move on. I can, with the help of the Holy Spirit, push on through the tough times and rejoice when they’re over.

This hip pain hurts. It’s only marginally better now. I pray it’ll continue to heal and that I’ll continue to take it easy when I need to. That’s frustrating too, but I must listen to my body.

For now, I’m going to get up out of this chair and do some stretching. I think God is telling me to call it quits for today. I pray that you will listen to that still, small inner voice that is the Lord and let him lead you today. Remember to pray and put your worries in the hands of the Lord.

God bless and Happy Monday.


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